Account blocked. Please contact support, except I can't.

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    • Account blocked. Please contact support, except I can't.

      Hello all,

      I'm a returning player to Tera, I played this game a long time ago and was willing to start again. So I was curious to see how my old character was doing, though I don't remember what level etc. it is.
      But once I tried to log in to the site it says: Account blocked. Please contact support.
      So I was like alright then let's see what happend, since I don't remember, but I can not log into that blocked account to contact support. So instead I made a new account but I can't log into that account as well when I want to log in at the support section. I put it my email and password + the captcha if necessary, but nothing happens when I click log in.

      So how am I going to contact support if I can't log into the support section?
    • In addition, you can log into the Support system with a Steam account. Don't expect to be able to play before Monday though, as Support don't handle tickets over the weekend.