PvE Static looking for members!

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    • PvE Static looking for members!

      Hey, as title says I am trying to create a PvE static for the upcoming patch.

      The objetive is to make a static of dedicated players to improve together and farm the PvE content during the next patch. We will mainly focus on clearing high-end dungeons, farming to get the best gear and ocassionally doing score runs.

      About conditions of recruitment :

      1. It´s an international static, I expect you to speak english and be able to use voice chat.
      2. We are not casual, you re supposed to be skilled and have high-end gear (at least vm8.5 +15)
      3. Being active ( it doesn´t mean you have to play 24/7, but you should be able to play most of the days to do daily runs )

      How to apply :

      If you are interested to be part of this, feel free to contact me through forums or in-game /w Sershaw

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