Me, outie, last feedback, no fears!

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  • Me, outie, last feedback, no fears!

    Hey, I'm quiting for good =) real life needs me! dayum.
    (for those going tl;dr, shut the fck up, I'm Yoopi ofc you read it :~) )

    Year 1-2
    I thought I'd give you a honest feedback about the game, my experiences as a guy with pretty much 200 days time gameplay +- without fear of getting banned and of course by being Yoopi, honest, annoying, but Yoopi :*
    On my ~4 years of gameplay the 2 years I spent them finding friends, learning the game, doing the achievements, using google teaching me things more than I might even need for a uni project, just for tera O_O, I learned C++ XD that I had courses for uni. I mean damn guys you built a really good game when it comes to content. It is outstanding what you've accomplished. But wait, that's for the first 2 years. After learning that you are a company named Gameforge | Having played Ikariam in the past pretty much being strong af there dominating server with alliances n sht I know that for a fact, you guys are worse money hoes than an actual slut on the streets lul. If proxy was an idea you could implement in tc by yourselves or something you could sell you would definitelly sell it, however atm reputation going rip rite?

    Year 3
    3rd year in tera I spent having fun / getting good / becoming an elitist trash / losing 50% of my friends because most friends played tera to escape real life - they were holding me down when it comes to me being elitist. And there I go, since I study mathematics I sat down and calculated shit for berserker my main class making combos / learning what's good and what's not / being ready for any change. That didn't hold me down from having fun I kept playing, but I got to the point I was farming 10 alts on iod for like 8 hours per day (Try to understand I hav a life HIHIXD I was doing like 20 mins work -30mins break xd) just to get a +15 axe which would in the end be trash since my class is unbalanced, no mystic, riperonia kinda, no lancer? Lul who runs with no lancer? ? ? (mystel question marks because 2 spaces in between.)

    Year 4
    Year 4 I meet proxy, I activate skill prediction and my dps goes magically up by 15~30% (oh btw, without ur fking proxy shit, I was already competing the top trashes, yet I scaled off) All I cared for was competition yet at the same time, I'm yoopi :^) real life > competing things that p2w. I tryhard new dungeons (vsh? friends I did 55 runs in 5 days, I was most likely 1 of the best humans to run that shit with for a looooooooooooong while, ikaros had mode 'cause hes a hoe and he didn't invite me to some runs / wake me up on discord) I pretty much am rd to clear ph4 since first week it's out yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet (ph1 hardest even rn anyday)
    I get into contact with Proxy creators - They're planning to make a new server? (They will most likely take all your population, [eventually :-] with mchm and dsu plus no bans for proxy) - I realize any pleb could be using exploits,
    I lose motivation to play tera, legit 4 months +- 0 farming of dungeons or doing anything rl significant when it comes to items / gears I get. Is proxy the thing to blame for this? Partly, however check Game management feedback too.

    Useless comments you can skip reading:
    Hey Cairu! I'm greek :c me no afforderino 500$ for 2.0 failures me finding a job that pays 500$ at age of 20 would actually be me being a rich greek teenager xD <3 no hate you're a good guy! Just calm down a bit because who knows, none's seen Bernkastel's dm's =D (ithink?)

    Game management:
    Back to the game review! I felt hostile af from anyone, all moderators on forums legit acting as if we're nazis LEGIT having no clue when to close threads, your forum management is bad - your game reactions to community became better later compared to the past yet still you ignore the majority. | All you do is ban / close threads that have no answers ? wat do you even know how forums work lul. I could have a question about the game post it here and forum moderator will most likely move it to Questions about the game section YET he knew how to help to the question but, HEY let's post -moved to proper section- without helping 'cause lul others will and if not who cares I did my part rite. Ain't no gaming going ahead when all you think is moni. When you post things ig "Tera thallers 30% blabla give your wallets a treat" shut the fck up game moderators lul, put some respect when you're thinking of mentioning my wallet, because I reassure you, you won't get shit from me no more anymore. Next time, if there will be one, try to be polite and maybe you'll stand a chance of getting something from me. Oh and the shit "we're company and we need money" it never worked friends. Those who succed made money because they put their effort into what they did by will, hard work and the visions they had. Ain't no vision anywhere near you when GREEN paper is wat you after. All these thoughts run around my mind 24/7 when I'm online on your game hence I'm backing the fck out. YOUR GAME YOUR RULES. My time, my choices - middle finger to those who don't appreciate nor respect my presence.

    In game community:
    :thinking: EHM it's so so, some people are amazing, some others are too toxic? I can't lie I'd put myself 50% amazing 50% toxic? how does that work, I mean I've been on my good days and my bad days and hell only few friends could handle that :* (Ikaros your valkyrie skills are garbage accept it pls - same on mine)
    It's like league of legends, where u have 4 teamates and you say my team always has trolls but in fact it's like, 1 out of 4 is rl bad, 3 are rl good and u just focus on that 20% of badness (you count as 1 too and whether you're good or not - not sure if you can judge that with honesty.) so ya let's say tera community has 20% toxic assholes and rest 80% is rl good human beings! something like that sums it up.

    PvE : Fantastic.
    PvP : Trash. Wtf Delays, Desync how do people like that shit? Unless you play sorc with aoe's or eh valk / warrior with lock ons, or healers who just RUN LOL (P V P, RUN? HAHA GET IT? THEY DON'T REALLY PVP?)

    Eh that's all, Yoopi's out most likely won't be back to see myself getting banned from forum :c or even sadder my feedback being deleted for being TOO honest and mods wanna brainwash forum community (which u cant btw, in terms of intelligence average forum post - guy - girl - thing - whatever has approx +50 IQ [proxy joke])

    I can't remember guy who called me weeb but I bet he will read this so I wanna keep him entertained too:
    :elin1: :elin2: :elin3: :elin4: :elin5: :elin6: :elin7: :elin8: :elin9: :elin10: :elin11: :elin12: :elin13: :elin14: :elin15: :elin17: :elin34: :elin33: :elin32: :elin31: :elin30: :elin29: :elin28: :elin27: :elin26: :elin25: :elin24: :elin23: :elin22: :elin21: :elin20: :elin19: :elin18: :elin35: :elin36: :elin37: :elin38: :elin39: :elin40:

    Those I met and will still be in touch, you guys know you're awesome. Those I won't be in touch with =D try to stay awesome. You're all awesome anyways :3
    Dorayaki is the best archer in pve btw. But he is in the 20% toxic trashes holding hand with me. Irl being toxic doesn't work so I'm getting out of there
    I'm outie'
    It Just feels so empty without me :elin33:
  • Unborn wrote:

    tl;dr version:
    I cant PvP/PvE so I am quitting.
    Well your tl;dr even made me want to read it even though it's yoopi.

    Honest tip for everyone: Just skip to Game management the things before that are just Yoopi talking random rubbish.
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  • What did I just read? :doofy:

    Really hard to follow your pov since it's so cringy and crazy xD

    BTW I got a lot of help from forum mods. Maybe sometimes they have no clue either so all they can do is their job : to keep the forum organized and clean. Stop blaming ppl that are not responsible for your personal needs within tera. When they can help they do.
    No matter how carefully you choose your words, they'll always end up being twisted by others.
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  • Cairu wrote:

    Goodbye Yoopi friend.

    Stop talking about competing in PvE when u were always garbage compared to the zerk god, me. :)
    The only real zerk God is Soaria .
    And the only reason ppl mentioning your name other than you being toxic is because you met him and you know..... you shared """""""""""tips""""""""""""".
    :love: MAKE SERVER TRANSFER VOUCHER TRADEABLE............ :love: