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      Hi Everyone,

      PPaws is looking for new members. We are re-building our core team so we are not looking for only experienced players but also unexperienced players too.

      If you are not an experienced player (new 65 or below 65), we offer runs to teach you dungeons with experienced and top tier geared players. So you won't waste 1 hour for a 3 star dungeon or you won't need to wait 20 mins for match-making tool.

      So we can guarantee that your upgrading time will be reduced significantly with us. We also share our guild resources (emeralds, talents, etchings etc.) with our members (unlike most of the guilds).

      Do not worry about your gear, we will help you with enchanting, upgrading, skill rolling and using right crystals.

      Moreover, we are active in PvP and GvG too. We can teach our new members how to play PvP. Remember that GvG and PvP gives both item XP and nice enchanting items.

      We need 2 healers (Priest+Myst), 1 Tank and 2 DDs for our core team. But we can accept more players even if we fill our openings, so don't hesitate to apply.

      We have gears,resources and experience but we need more people to achieve more.

      Join us now! :beer:

      * Guild has its own TS3 server
      * PPaws is an international guild so people can speak both English and German
      * Please don't think like "My English is not good and this dude only talks English", My English sucks too.
      * You can /w me for more information (Kadayif, Kadayif.Tank, Shyttywyzard or Huzyadadi (more active))

      PS. Yes I am not German as you can see, I play in Yurian because Germans are cool.

      Spieler informiert | moemikoo

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