Stop lying to me.

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    • Stop lying to me.

      So I just yesterday started playing again and all the time I see active event this, active event that. But when I actually go and look for what are those event, there is nothing! And this "visit fro more details" is just plain frustrating.
      Where is the one place to go for all the info about current events? The ingame calendar would make a lot of sense for that but nope, miss again.


      I have a bad day, I'm frustrated and sorry that i picked this way to vent my frustration.

      Also I didn't cover my bookmarks so there you go.
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    • BG jackpot is when you get some nice rewards from a specific BG.
      Jackpot in Battlegrounds - Timers

      I'm not really sure what Monster spawn event is, that ended a while ago and no other events are running at the moment (at least not like this).
      <3 - Guide for new people

      Unsolved issues - If any important issue is forgotten, pop it there! :stick:
    • thank you for this public service announcement.

      it actually pains me to realize we've been mislead this whole time. gameforge should swiftly rectify this abhorent mistake.

      it is thanks to individuals like you that this community continues to thrive; let us come together to make sure gameforge maintains an honest, truthful conduct towards it's players.

      i thank you again on behalf of the community for raising the awareness to this shameful conduct!
    • If I remember correctly the Monster Spawn Event is for the SCEM NPCs.
      Rechtsschreibfeler? Kenn ick nicht. Kann man dass Essen?

      Arlassa - Kriegermain - Castanic - Lvl 65 - Yurian
      Matoi.Ryuko - Kriegertwink - Castanic - Lvl 65 - Yurian
      Rânâ.Lînchên - Brawler - Mensch - Lvl 65 - Yurian
      Lucymârvel - Mystiker - Castanic - Lvl 65 - Yurian
      Arlos - Lanzer - Mensch - Lvl 65 - Yurian
      verschiedene nicht Lvl 65 Chars
    • Yeah you can laugh and all but now that I'm drunk and not mad anymore I'd really like to have a place to look up the events. Trying to get back to the game when there is no info about stuff is pretty hard.

      Thank you spellcheck. And people.

      @Athena since you are here already, is there a real chance of like updating the ingame calendar or a tab like on attached screen? Gathering all the information is already hard enough, why not making it at least a bit easier?
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