You are a company ? ? ?

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  • You are a company ? ? ?

    "We also want to use this opportunity to apologize to all our regular players for the inconvenience that has been caused by those exploits and want to assure you that the whole TERA-Team is working constantly in cooperation with the developer in order to resolve these issues."
    how about you rewards those who didn't use exploits by banning those who did instead of apologising? :elin18:
    I heard people lost scem runs yesterday because of servers going down ? ? ?
    Come'ere for a hug gamefroge. <3 :elin4:
    It Just feels so empty without me :elin33:
  • Astarte wrote:

    So I would like to know how are they going to know who uses it...apart from obvious stuff like memeslash
    I made a macro on minecraft that spams whispers to a friend and got kicked from server after 4 messages, in tera I won't get kicked until he or I dc I think??? Minecraft protection > Tera protection 8DDDDDD I haven't tried it on tera ofc. However some lil bird on proxy discord ? stated something related to that and the crashes from yesterday, am I right or wrong, idrc, knowing I'm playing a game that can go down when some human being feels frustrated (not even close to be related to the company's staff) Yea, maybe I should find a better game? idk
    It Just feels so empty without me :elin33:
  • Yeah, lets just say if no fix or proper protection comes soon, playing on a weekend becomes impossible without support. You just end up with constant DC's or Frozen Screen (if you are lucky enough to handle the load)
  • I'm sure they are working with BHS to fix the situation. The lack of info from BHS just feels like they don't care. I heard they have banned some of the hackers but because changing IP isn't hard and they can just bot all the way back to max level. They need to come up with more permanent solutions that will prevent these hacks before they happen. Banning can help and should be done obviously if there is people who are hacking but it can only do so much
  • Enough excuses and childish behavior, Gameforge!

    How about you compensate your PAYING CUSTOMERS and legit players who are going through all this shitstorm just so they can try to enjoy the game and so YOU can make as much money as possible????
  • This game clearly reached the bottom, i do not think there is anything bad left to happen in it or any way of getting worse. Due to Gameforge and Blue Hole incompetence I will stay out of this game. Have fun
  • I don't know what makes the server crash, but I can speculate, and I'm sure that alternative exploit to crash it still exists anyway so...

    Maybe few of you (or nobody anymore) remember like.. idk, 3 god damn years ago. 3 years man. (or more, lost track) I said how it is absolutely PATHETIC game design to have a skill with zero animation lock and zero cooldown. Do you understand what zero means? Yeah. It is simply disgusting from a design (in terms of programming) point of view, nevermind balance. I'm talking about the block skill having zero cooldown/animation lock.

    I don't know if block spam is what crashes the server, but it's probably still there and available either way, so I'm just pointing it out. I bet these days they directly inject block packets instead of macros, though (macros are inefficient from hacking point of view anyway). It could also be something else like whisper spam or whatnot, which is the same principle. (even if they did fix the block spam crash, then it proves the point even more, especially to those monkeys who argued that it is a "bad thing" cause of their godlike reflexes damn).

    I can't blame the hackers at all at this point. After 3 years, it's a fvcking disgrace on the pathetic incompetence that goes on at BHS and certain players who wanted it. I don't blame Gameforge either, not their fault, they didn't code the server.

    No, fault is 100% (not 99%, but 100%) with BHS and those clueless pieces of something that whined about having a cooldown on their shitty block or anything else similar. Zero sympathy from me, if anyone of you is still playing, hope you suffer hard right now. You deserve it for having your SHIT IDEAS and be allowed to speak/write them.

    (I remember those people whining when they added a cooldown to block, really dude... like with "only" a 10ms cooldown, that means you can block 100 times per second; yes I'm sure your reflexes are so good and can actually block 100 times per second (remember we're talking cooldown here, not even animation lock); blocking twice in the span of 10ms and call it "legit", just LUL).