DDoS attack! Spam Whisper Hack!

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  • DDoS attack! Spam Whisper Hack!

    Hello people of this shit game! Where Gameforge and Bluehole dont give a fk about.

    As you can see here in this screenshots, its a new type of hack. Basically, if you ever read about DDoS attacks, thats it, but in game now!

    Here my scroll is at the top of the chat:

    Here my scroll is at the bottom of the chat:

    Basically, it keeps send u whispers until u get disconnected from the server.

    Another thing to notice, whenever there is a hack or someone hacking, you find members from the guild Drop Dead and that hacker is helping them. There should be a reason why those people from this guild continually change there name! Well, they accept scammers, so why not accept hackers too!

    This game become so Cancer, with useless moderators in forum, useless support to the community.

    For anyone who wants to start playing Tera EU, DON'T! DON'T PLAY THIS CRAP GAME! Game now is like CrossFire with hacks! And guess what, those developer don't give a fk about that.

    Guess the moderators will just ban me after this thread. LIKE I GIVE A FK?!

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  • same shit happend to me in velika outskirts by different names

    the game is full of hacks can u guys fix this crap please?

    ppl been dying by one shots over and over memeslash thingy

    and now some kids using whispers hack to kill u while ur going dc BY different names, doesnt matter how many reports we do on one character

    the hack is still there.

  • 3 ppl in our Raid got spammed like this until they dc'ed....feels good.
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  • Probably a ban incoming for me as well but who cares.

    You must be quite dumb to still fight for a dead game, let alone expect gameforge to do anything.I mean come on, people have to beg them to EVEN add costumes, players literally asking to give them money and they fail even at that, the only thing they excel at are the letters/seashells cash shop events,I don't regret any second leaving this and playing BDO.

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  • I feel like gameforge staff is more incompetent for this job than my few in game mates. Some players play with U gameforge and have a lot of fun seeing how weak and usless u are. For real a gaming company that cannot deal with some weebs or IT students? Do u hire llamas?
  • Waow.. Sad for people who still plays. :(
    I remember some other short term cheats we saw around time to time ; like speedhack for ex. Like in Kumayslum, no possible to catch the diamond when they were using speed hack(later that passed with a big patch but again they closed Kumayslum cause of hack was beginning again(personal idea) , or I remember some were teleport themself with tank in CS , or shoot with tank no matter where you are in the map again in CS.
    So that kind of annoying things were at least limited as in the example of CS. You were okey after it, no one was able to ruin your other pvp or pve times.
    But this one, waow.. No matter where you are , with the spam = disconnect. And here we again see how crap UI they used, even UI itself a lag reason. :)
    Hope "players" find a solution.. Otherwise till next big patch (idk when anyways) they will not fix it as we saw similars in past.
    Good lucks.. :(
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  • Same happened to me when i killed a hacker in VO few month ago :) Wasnt possible to login a whole day cause perma chatspam.. And you all know this person, cause its the same we talk about here.
    Well i dont like Tsunami much, cause they are arrogant, but it would be very very strange if this hack what happened to many Tsunami members dont come from their enemys... not a good reputation for their enemys...