Warrior/Lancer Dual Main lf progress-oriented static

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    • Warrior/Lancer Dual Main lf progress-oriented static

      I'm looking for a progress oriented static for daily runs/future content.

      I am:
      Assazinchen (Warrior), Top-Tier +7/8
      Cataklysma (Lancer), Top Tier +7/5
      I also have several geared alts, some of which have Top-Tier gear aswell.

      By progress-oriented I mean that there is a general desire to keep improving. I expect you to be already very experienced in the current (and possibly past) contents and that you play your classes very well. That being said, my mindset can be best described as non-competitive semi-tryhard, meaning that on one hand, I always try to go for the maximum possible, but on the other hand, I'm neither interested in doing DPS score runs for leaderboards or anything relatable, nor really interested in doing slaying/CA runs for the latter. I just want to do my daily runs and clear them as fast and as best as possible.

      Here is the catch though:
      As the title suggests, I main both warrior and lancer. And I am not willing to give up any main class to fit in a static. I want to be able to play both mains on a regular basis, meaning you have to be able to provide me with the possibility of playing both those characters - either by resetting or with well geared and played alts, is up to you.

      If you are interested, whisper me ingame or contact me via PM here.
      Assazina - Warrior DPS/Tank / Cataklysma - Lancer

      Warrior Awakening Guide
      Lancer Awakening Guide

      "Hated by many, wanted by plenty, disliked by some, but confronted by none."

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