Return of Crusade & Alliance - PVP is ruined. ( Need community support )

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    • How about if we keep it simple and only expect from Atmorph to update both solo and premade gear every patch (since he claims he cant permanently change gear)? This is enough to bring some players back and have fun games.

      Rewards only have sense if players can que. No gear = no que.

      Lets go step by step:
      1. gear
      2. rank list
      3. punish abusers (CAP, draw,...)
      4. add rewards (never gonna happen... sorry for being pessimist, but after almost 4 years of feedback...)
      5. GZ, now you have competitive game
    • I’m agree.

      As we know leadbord will come back in the 3th next patch (29 days rotation). Gameforge has to discuss with bluehole to add this kind of reward each month.

      Maybe not thing like diamonds but temporaly stuff, skills or mounts, which you can use only if you are the best last month ranked in your class...I said this cause we all know class aren’t balanced so if rewards are for class ranking it’s will be better. Even it possible to give more rewards for the top 10 pvp.

      Pvp will become as is really interesting.
    • I like Panwu idea of having class rankings together with Kraxlers rewards system and following these steps like Unborn said. Gear is the first barrier for players who want to queue.

      I would like players to only be able to join each category rankings after doing 5 matches on such and this would be my idea for categories and how the scores will affect ranks:

      • Corsairs Stronghold: Class Personal Rating. : xxValkyriexx 1200 PR, Valkyries rank only / xxSlayerxx 1100 PR Slayers rank only
      • Fraywind: Class Personal Rating. : xxValkyriexx 1400 PR, Valkyries rank only / xxSlayerxx 900 PR Slayers rank only
      • Skyring: Class Personal Rating. : xxValkyriexx 1500 PR, Valkyries rank only / xxSlayerxx 700 PR, Slayers rank only
      • Battlegrounds Ranking: Equal to CS+FW+Skyring personal rating, all classes. Example: xxValkyriexx will have a score of 4100 within all players and classes while xxSlayerxx will score 2700 and will be ranked bellow xxValkyriexx in this category
      Gridiron will be removed so i didn't list it.

      So each category rank will provide diff rewards and titles at the end of the season, we can even bring back the CS mount to the top CS ranks and so on, pretty sure we have old legacy stuff that would fit in together with gearing materials and so on. Having a general rank like Battlegrounds Ranking is a must to entice activity across all battlegrounds.