About this "Controversial" loading screen

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  • You're straight up denying facts and you have the nerves to tell me that you will stop the discussion because "it's too messed up for you".

    Yeah i guess having someone bursting your bubble of weird and sick fetishes is quite messed up.

    No matter how you turn it up, i don't see how talking about the zoom is relevant since what bothered people in first place is the loading screen (which is a full screen drawing), so i don't see the point of giving shit to someone about the zoom he made on his avatar which is small af and will most likely be not noticed. First fact.

    The boss exemple was just used cause that guy talked about him being at his lunch break and stuff, it can be used in any other situation, whether you're home or not. Then again, it's kinda pushing it to the extreme, because there is still low chance that people notice it. This situation would kinda sounds like the scene of a bad comedy show or something like that.

    Yes size matters, because of course a full loading screen will get noticed more easily than a little avatar. I don't see how that's hard to understand.

    See, i just posted one message answering to you and you're assuming that i'm trolling. Denying facts and assuming it's just trolling because you're too stupid to understand or simply out of arguments to counter that properly wont get you anywhere my dude. What i said is a known fact tho, look it up.

    I don't see how am i being a snowflake when i'm just getting tired of having to deal with human's mediocrity from people who can't understand that jacking off to Elins is weird. Whoever is here defending this loading screen just refuses to admit that there is people (maybe they're one of them) who are legit making sick roleplay and producing stupid content about Elins and making it public. I don't see how that's wrong to just wanting to play the game properly without having to witness sick stuff made by sick minded people. You guys are the ones being snowflakes and making some special sick stuff and trying to shove into everyone's face because it's normal for you, while it's obviously not.

    I have nothing against roleplay itself, i think it's nice and i even witnessed some nice Roleplay like on GW2 for exemple, but 95% of RP's attempts on TERA are about sexualizing Elins. So that's ok for you? Making over sexualized stuff about 12 years old looking girls is ok for you?

    I mean i didn't even mention names in first place, except when i mentionned your avatar and your sentence in your profile about Elins. For the rest i said "There is people out there doing this and that..." without giving names. So why you care so much about defending this shit? You're feeling targetted maybe eh?
  • yOu CaNt CaLl iT sHiT PoSTinG uR RuNnIng aWAy

    Edit: Meanwhile ignores all the counter aguments kk nice shitposting keep it up
    Edit2: Don't expect me to even respond to you before you answer stuff I wrote like I said enjoy your shitposting kkk fun fun hehe I'm normal I play tera at work these weebs man remove elins lul
  • How am i ignoring it since i made my answers from what he said? You don't make any sense man.

    It wouldn't be much of a problem if people would understand in first place that they have to keep their weird tastes for themselves and their friends. Deal with it. As for the fact that GameForge decided to publish it, well it's obvious that there is some Elins fans working for that company, would explain why it's a mediocre company. And as i said, it's just to please the mass and the people who are into this shit.
  • Or maybe some ppl arent just so narrow minded and offended by everything. Like i said before >game itself is based on fanservice<, that makes no difference honestly. And characters arent even children. Does kids have wide hips, visible defined waist, chest and etc ? These characters got obviously mature bodies. Big tits would solve the problem? Is it only thing that you base characters age on? If its bothering some people so much why not try to fight actual problems. Ah yeah, crying online is way easier. Weird that with tv and internet full of plastic tits and wiggling butts people go nuts over a slightly suggestive fan art (which wasnt even meant to be like that. Only the fourth character was meant to be somewhat flirty. Or more like "idgaf" vibe). Im amused with ppls ability to interpret art coz I wouldnt come up with half of it while being the owner of it.
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  • Cheezus wrote:

    When you have no idea about what culture difference is, smh. This game was supposed to attract a korean/japanese(asian) populace but it ended up being popular in the west also their biggest success and playerbase is still in korea like I said if you can't handle the culture difference you shouldn't even play this game.

    What you guys are trying to do is comparing your western culture with the asian/anime culture where it is indeed acceptable as seen from most animation/movies etc. Even though some "normal" people do play this game because they enjoy the combat system and so on, it is totally understandable there is a higher majority who likes this kind of art style /culture and would like to follow that by making fan art. There might exist a minority who think they are all high and mighty because "hurr durr I have a job" "hurr durr this is unacceptable" you guys are playing the wrong game and should move on.
    You completely ignored this, yet you think you somehow answered my question?
    yOu CaNt CaLl iT sHiT PoSTinG uR RuNnIng AwAy
  • lol you didn't prove anything other than saying "hurr durr ur lowkey paedo hehe xd"

    Edit: You didn't respond to any of my arguments, said that I'm not center of the world while you specifically said I'm running away and still can't answer to what I said up there properly other than shittalking out of it.
  • Idc personally about what stuff is on my screen, anything goes (tolerate level at least, elins, ridiculous mounts, pink candy fluff etc. I'd prefer the game without that stuff). But if you play around dudes and get this loading screen you'll probably have to stop playing for a moment because they won't be able to resist the urge to tease a bit at least. It will be distracting if you're trying to play and have to deal with that. Idrc what ppl think about the games I play, but it can still create awkward moments. Like everyone could know you watch porn, but if you get caught by a friend watching a bit more "exotic" video it's going to be awkward. Even if you're still in your pants.

    In the game itself you can play so yo don't see any of this "awkward stuff" when you're around other people. When slacking in a town, go somewhere instead of highwatch or other densely populated area, zoom out so far characters are hard to see, go inside a dungeon with static etc. bumping into someone playing a game with loading screen like this is kinda like bumping into someone watching hentai x) It's going to be awkward. And if they're people who don't really know you, they could form certain opinions about you... You can say it doesn't matter what others think about you, but if it's someone important at your workplace for example, it could make a big difference at some point.

    I dislike the cars and the cute pink candyfluff stuff that comes with elins because it just feels out of place... Tera wasn't like that always. It's hard to get other guys playing this game because it just looks like a joke nowadays. It looks like a weeb pedo game at the first glance (well probably more than just at the first glance atm). Even though the combat is still the best out of any mmorpg I've played, it's not going to get popular in eu because majority of the potential players have prejudices or some other sht about this kind of stuff.

    Imo elins don't look like real kids, they have wide hips and completely unnatural body proportions. It's just...fantasy? Wide hips and big butts and thick thighs. Just shoulders are very narrow and heads are huge with big eyes (doesn't look like anything real). Even if people are sexually attracted to elins, elin doesn't mean pedo, really. Like a lot BnS characters have extremely long legs and wide hips with narrow shoulders. They also have the kind of anime heads, but they look like adult anime characters, not like real adults. It's not realistic, it's some fantasy body proportions.
  • ^see guys this is a proper post, it's not so hard to explain your point of view without calling everyone else who doesn't see things the way you do someone with a mental illness or a pedo or other adjectives I've read so far.

    It's possible to keep it civil! 8|
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  • Since the beginning some players have been disturbed by elins race , so much debates took place on this same board with interesting arguments from both sides. Draw elins a bit sexy way annoys some people and even more so if these drawings are imposed by the game's publisher :)

    For me i don't care about it's just a game :) Elins are an integral part of Tera players must be accepted it ^^
  • In my opinion the panties are just to short. (Its not a one-piece wimsuit). Especially the elin in the white mailot. (they dont even look this short/small ingame). Everything eöse os legit

    Also i dont understand the whole thing. I mean i thought its Love and Beach themed. I only see beach. All other have something with "Love".

    The picture posted by mar_tin is better in my opinion. Since u dont see that special zone. Elins wear one-pieced Swimsuit except the elin on the lfet (but her legs cover special zones.

    Im just sick that most of the time only elin pictures wins contest. There was an art contenst back (around 2 years). The one picture without any elin lost because there was no elin. Instead the ugly picture with no effort won because there were Elins inside the picture. And people only vote because Elin. There are much better picture with actually hard work. better color. good shadow and much more but they lose if they dont even use atleast one elin.

    And the picture of the elin was really ugly. I will upload if i find it (also the other pic)
  • ^

    Thank fxck finally someone who gets it. There isn't only Elin players on TERA but these little shits always get credits because apparently they "saved" TERA even tho the game is still dead to this day, good meme. Nobody thinks it's weird that a race of a little girls literally "saved" a game.

    Anyways, after some investigation i found out that "APPARENTLY" the person who made this "controversial" fanart is a girl. So not only people with weird fetishes, but also a bunch of white knights. (If it's actually a girl tho, no proper proof except what some people said.)