How to make money?

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    • How to make money?

      Hello guys..
      I was never familiar with how to make money in this game
      But now I'm playing it again and really want to learn this, so I can buy the items I long for..

      so back to the question: How do I make money in Tera??

      If there is a guide or something in this board, please lead me there, because I didn't find anything by myself, sorry
      Or I'm just too tired and blind )':
      sorry :(

      - Greetings
    • thanks for the quick answer, but could someone explain it a bit more accurate?
      I mean, wich stuff should/can I farm/sell, what stuff exactly can I do..?
      And I'm 65
    • BakaTorte wrote:

      thanks for the quick answer, but could someone explain it a bit more accurate?
      I mean, wich stuff should/can I farm/sell, what stuff exactly can I do..?
      And I'm 65
      In case you own alts that are 65 you can also take advantage of the currently-running Sun festival and farm Sun tokens. You can make a good amount of gold out of them, since you can get 10 per character per day and sell them for around 300-350 gold each. Surely it's not a way that can sustain a new player that has all kinds of needs in regards to gear, but it's something.
    • - Play broker, buy low priced stuff from broker and sell them for higher price. (Risky)

      - Play servers, buy stuff from another server for low amount of gold, sell it in your server for more gold. (TC required)

      - Do low level dungeons, like ABNM and CW on multiple chars and sell everything you get, a friend of mine just do this on 5 characters, he get 3 million a month. (Boring as hell!)

      - Craft and sell PvP jewels (in PvP server ofc)

      - Do battlegrounds (If you are a PvP player) and sell the rewards from the box. (The brown badge sells for 7.2k gold, Lakan Scale sells for 4.5k gold)

      - Do the ongoing event (Festival of the sun, or some useless name that no one care about, except the guy judging me now) on multiple characters, get sun tokens and buy Lakan Scale with it and sell.

      - Craft PvP jewels for other players for gold.

      - Carry people in hard dungeons for gold.

      - Organise PvP tournaments.

      - P2W
    • Since you playing on my server i would suggest the following

      *Club needed*
      Do 3x High IoD Bams (need 423 Iten level > full guillie gear wil give your 424 Item Level
      Either do 3x Mid Bams or 3x ABNM (prefer ABMN)
      2x VSHM for MWA

      If u dont plan to do VSHM then u can do:
      3x High IoD + 1x Mid IoD + 4x ABNM

      There is another way but u need to wait around 10 Minutes.

      Do the lvl 63 Glyph Dungeon (called something .... catacombs)
      If u have Tera Club use Gold Buff (u have 3x 1hr).
      Each Boss drop up to 80gold (160 if buff is activated). This dungeon have 4 Bosses. If u are very luck u get up to 640 gold + 45 gold from quest.
      VG Quest also gives 90 Credits (180 with Tera Club).

      If u do 8x lvl 63 Dungeon u get around 4k Gold + 1440 VG Credits. Hell this 63 Dungeon is soo broken. Really it gives 90 VG Credits.
      ^ But keep on mind this gold is only if u do it solo. As party gold will split to all members.

      The downside of lvl 63 Dungeon spam is: 15 Minutes Cooldown ( u have around 10 - 9 Minutes cooldown since CD start after u hit first mob)
      U can do it on another char so u dont need to wait since the times just count down if u are on another alt. Or do what ever u want in this time

      Spend VG Credits for Ghillieglade scrolls (400 credits). U can run 2 or 4 (with club) times this dungeon. (dont forget to reset via /reset command or P > Dungeon)
      Sell all the stuff from Ghillieglade. U get around 3 - 4k gold on average per ghillieglade run
    • Propecina wrote:

      hi everyone. For what profitable i can spend my production points in current patch?
      Etchings and collecting scarabs.
      Rechtsschreibfeler? Kenn ick nicht. Kann man dass Essen?

      Arlassa - Kriegermain - Castanic - Lvl 65 - Yurian
      Matoi.Ryuko - Kriegertwink - Castanic - Lvl 65 - Yurian
      Rânâ.Lînchên - Brawler - Mensch - Lvl 65 - Yurian
      Lucymârvel - Mystiker - Castanic - Lvl 65 - Yurian
      Arlos - Lanzer - Mensch - Lvl 65 - Yurian
      verschiedene nicht Lvl 65 Chars
    • BakaTorte wrote:

      Thank you guys, that was already really helpful for me!
      I will follow your advice @Glacial`, so I ask again if I need something

      thanks again
      In my encounters if you doing dungeons solo take +/- 10 health potions...unless you can heal yourself. But if with a group you should be put with someone who can heal you. :)
      But other than that you dont need anything but your weapon to fight with. (A resurrection scroll for you and your team mates can be helpful if you think you going to die) :)