What r u using sun tokens for?

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    • What r u using sun tokens for?

      Hi all,

      Thanks to the sun tokens event i got my weapon for my sorc.
      We still have time to farm this tokens until 22th august.

      My questions:
      should i farm for glove of sorc? or another weapon for my Mystic as my other main char?
      What would u guys do?
      There will be no correct Answers i know, i just want some opinions on how to use this event time better.

      Thx! :elin40:

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    • Really depends on what you wanna do. I for my part will probably get a weapon skin for myself and my SO and then see what is left and either buy Ostgarath Beach or Shimmer swimwear and sell it. Maybe I will buy a couple shape changers to to sell them.
      I intend to only get what I want/need and use the rest to buy things I can sell. ( probably gonna hord them for a while too until prices rise due to supply shortage )
    • If you really wanna make another gearpiece go by the amount of hours you play them to decide for which one you wann build it.

      I myself wait until the end and then will use them either to upgrade my vm9 or make money.
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    • Arlos wrote:

      If you really wanna make another gearpiece go by the amount of hours you play them to decide for which one you wann build it.

      I myself wait until the end and then will use them either to upgrade my vm9 or make money.
      I think you shouldnt use the tokens for anything that you can easily farm through dugeons. You dont wanna use the tokens on VM9 mats at all. Maybe if you are poor on the scales but even then you could get the 400 box sell it and use the 200k gold you get for it to buy the scales. The rest is just a waste, dont use them on vm9 mats at all. Easily farmed in VSHM
    • Big news, there are people out there who, for several reasons, can't enter VSHM or will certainly have a hard time clearing it...Far away from farm land.. (next to needing luck during final dice game). Thus, those poor souls might be happily welcome this option.

      Yea sure, if you just wanna make money, get the expensive tradable stuff and don't keep anything for yourself.
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    • Depends how many character slots you have to farm with - you could upgrade that weapon to Oblit, I only got 12 char slots and 4 of those were just free from new classes I think, and can easily get VM9 weap + Oblit and have some spare tokens for something else, you could also get a few days worth of tokens if you farm the Caiman Egg event a bit.

      Don't see any reason not to get the VM9 mats they barely cost any tokens and it takes almost no time to do those quests much faster than VSHM not to mention you could lose the dice rolls so many times.

      Unless you plan on selling the boxes some time after the event ends I highly doubt you will get 200k for it right now, already saw both drop to 100-115k with more and more listings being added, people are undercutting like mad.
    • Well ok you guys have a point. I just think you can, with some patience easily get your vm9 mats else where. But i guess if you arent good enough to clear VSHM then yeah go ahead and buy those mats. The question then is why you even need vm9 when you probably wont go into Harrowhold or high tier dugeons but everyone does what is good for him. The point with dice rolls i totally agree with. If you dont have patience then just do it. Its on the other hand not the most effiecent way to spend the tokens.

      Yeah i didnt keep up with the price developpment. I sold both my chest early on for 300k and 230k, but i guess ppl are just impatient selling these and want fast money.

      All in all patience wins most of the time in this game is it farming stuff or selling stuff, guess for everybody the most effiencent way to spend them is another one.
    • Not that VSHM is that hard but it is just so boring of a dungeon imo, if there's an easier way then why not right? HH needs quite a bit of time not many have , still having VM9 doesn't hurt even if ppl don't do HH, I mean BHS are making it easier to get after all either way.

      That's pretty lucky ! I did see someone sell the Gold Shimmer last week for 400k now that's a nice deal right there, but with so many trying to sell it might drop below 100k even.

      My patience will be farming Caimans and get enough tokens for some boxes while alts get everything else, plenty of tokens to farm to get everything hehe.
    • Yeah or you wait till the event is over might raise the price again. Yeah you are right with the VSHM being annoying to run. The thing is you probably dont need vm9 for VUHM, Orca and AIHM. But yeah everyone does it like he needs it.