Killian - Static LF last DD/Tank

    • Killian - Static LF last DD/Tank


      We're looking for a last DD or Tank (Tryhard/Experienced) on Killian for our Static.

      Static : Lancer (Full Oblit +15) | Mystic (Full Behemoth +15) | Warrior (Full Oblit +15/Weap Deathwrack) | Zerker (Full Deathwrack +15)
      Alt : Lancer (Full Behemoth +15) | Mystic/Priest (Misery+12) | Ninja (Full Behemoth +15)| Zerker (Full Behemoth +15)

      Goal :

      - Fun at the same time as cleaning everything as fast as possible
      - Making gear fast at each new patch for each member
      - Tryhard personal dps/party ranking
      - Slaying runs later into the patch

      Required :

      - Gear/Build (Weap +15 Deathwrack or Oblit)
      - Velik Sanctuary HM done +30 times.
      - Mighty dragon

      Week : 7pm -> 11pm | Week-End : 6pm -> ...
      (Currently we have raid Thursday 7:30pm and Monday for Alt)
      if u don't have a static for raid, we can't promise to take u on our raid.

      Contact :

      /w Mini | Discord : Mini#8044
      /w Kuromë | Discord : Kuromë#2712

      Tips : ë = ALT + 137

    • Hi, I am looking for a static to clear stuff fast and fun.

      I am a "Berserker" class player, with vm9+15 weapon.
      I feel like I am alright at my class, and im still trying to improve everyday! I want to play with friends and build friendship to clear the dungeons with the power of our bonds.

      Whisper Cairu or xyzCairuG0dZyx#9415 on Discord.

      I can join 100% if u promise me a static spot in raid.


      Cairu-chan >.<.

      :elin4: :elin5: :elin17: :elin1: