Focused Diadem

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    • Focused Diadem

      Hey guys,

      Im trying to get more crit on my Sorc (currently 50 +275 crit).
      One thing that i still dont have is the Focused Diadem. So my questions are:

      1. is it worth it to make/buy focused diadem?
      2. anyone link the craft items for focused diadem?
      3. or i should not bother with that cur i got enough crit already?^^

      cheers for a better tera world!

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    • More crit is always good.

      You can drop the rare version in dungeons, like Velik's Hold Normal Mode.

      Crafting the superior version takes a lot of time, and you need quite many materials.

      The difference with the rare version isn't that big so you should be fine even with the rare version which is easy to get.