Guild Recruitment: Psychoticfaith

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    • Guild Recruitment: Psychoticfaith

      I decided to drop by forums and take a minute to tell our forum community about Psychoticfaith.

      We have been around for a few months now, so we are still new in my opinion. The guild welcomes both new and old players of any level. Here we have a mixture of play styles that range from our hardcore gear up members, to our relaxed questers and reputation hunters. The guild is currently Lvl 130 and hosting a home to 104/110 active guild members! We aim to achieve more active members for large guild group BAM's in the future. We also aim towards taking those hardcore daily gear up players into our first high score static party teams!
      Our guild skills list complete in 1 gif link here:

      What Psychoticfaith offers:
      • In game party/raid play
      • Level 65 Dungeon runs
      • Group GQ runs
      • Some gear passes
      • Active officer roles to help with any player questions both in game and on discord!
      • Active Discord complete with:
      1. Voice chat
      2. Text chat
      3. Class builds
      4. Game guides
      5. General How To's
      6. Notifications of newest tera related information
      7. Dungeon mech information/videos, etc.

      • The ability for active and passionate players to be promoted within the guild (we always keep our eyes out for potential officers!)
      • Get featured in the GM's latest YouTube video releases!
      What is expected of guild members:
      • Members cannot be offline for 8 days or more without sending the GM a discord PM about reasonable inactivity! Example: Vacation with family
      • Contribute: If you are in game we expect you to be doing something game related such as: Leveling, crafting, dungeon runs, vanguard, GQ's, etc.
      • Be social No one likes a quiet guild. Upon joining just pop us a short and sweet introduction. We can't get to know you unless you allow us to!
      • Patience and understanding: If members need help or have questions voice chat is the easiest way to get answers. If players do not use voice, we ask that you exercise patience while waiting for a response. It's hard to type an answer to a question when doing a boss fight!
      • Our guild DOES NOT condone any actions in game or in discord that are
      1. Against TERA TOS
      2. Against Tera forums TOS
      3. Harassment of any kind towards guild members

      • Any Alt characters in the guild MUST share the same account as your main joining character. (Multiple accounts take up player space!)
      • Any Alt characters in guild must have their personal introduction set as: "Alt of (insert main character name here)" This is so GM does not accidentally kick an alt of an active guild member.
      • Alt characters are expected to follow the same 8 day activity rule. Parking characters in the guild for extra funds without contributing would be unfair to our active players.