Sorcerer PvP: The Ultimate question of Crit vs Power?

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    • Sorcerer PvP: The Ultimate question of Crit vs Power?

      Hello ladies and gentlemen,

      So as the thread title says, my question is about crit vs power for sorcerer PvP.

      I tried myself to have a full crit sorc with double crit jewelry set, weap/gloves keen etching 4 and keen vrysks. I had like +302 crit factor, but I don't feel like I'm critting every hit :elin10: . So question here is: how much crit factor I need to always crit? Is it possible? How to get it?

      On the other hand, good friends advice me to make a full power sorc just to do painful white damage. TBH, I will miss the crit :elin11: ! So what do you think about full power sorc? Is it better than full crit?

      I always used to be a 3 crit 2 power sorc, but since I don't feel like critting alot, I was wondering why not full power or 3 power 2 crit? :elin15:

      Let me hear you suggestions
    • There's no crit cap.
      I dont know anymore since i stopped to pvp on my sorc almost 2 years ago but back then i was using a full power build for fw (back when it was still not equalized during vm4-6) and it was pretty good, for open world with crit scroll a 3 crit 2 power and duels a 3 power 2 crit if i remember right. I dont think is a good idea going full crit due the ton of crit resist that players run around with, you would probably end up in still not critting and losing too much dmg
    • You can find it yourself quite simply. get 1-3 friends (preferbly with different crit resist factors) and test the damage percentage you gain from the power on your skills
      if you feel like the "crit loss" is worth the damage increase than go for itm keep in mind tho that crits are rng aftrr all as well. good luck