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  • WTB Vibrant Robe

    Hi all,

    I want to buy this body skin "Vibrant Robe" which costs 4000 Fashion coupons...
    Sadly I don't have the time to play much so I just have around 1600.
    As I saw it was Bind on equip it might be tradeable but I never see it on the Trade Broker, I guess it doesn't make profit as Elin's costumes do.
    If someone has 4000 spare fashion coupons and is interested in making some gold please answer this thread or pm me.
    My character's name is Ohmn.

    Thanks ^^
  • Hiho o/

    I can't check right now if it's tradeable or not (maybe someone else can do it before me)
    But if it's something tradeable i can give you that item ( :
  • Really!? I would be so grateful! I've been wanting it for years ^^
    It says item is "Bind on equip" as Black label robe or Sterling/Karat robes...
    I guess it can be traded/sold! I don't know if there is any restriction when you buy an item from Fashion coupons... maybe a mod can solve this doubt.

    Anyway... Thank you poofpoof!!
  • I checked it now, but sadly most of the costumes are not tradeable, and this one is not either : (

    If you like the Sterling Robe or the 24-Karat one, i can give you that, those are the only ones that are tradeable :x
  • Ohh that's why I never saw it on the Trade Broker.... Too bad news they should make them tradeable!!
    If you have spare coupons I'd like to have the Sterling robe! At least it looks better than my current armor :)

    Thank you again!!