Champion Skyring 3v3 Premade (Equalized)

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    • Champion Skyring 3v3 Premade (Equalized)

      3v3 Champion Skyring Premade equalization.
      -Zartaras (Lancer) Killian

      As the title blatantly puts it into perspective, you can probably assume what this thread is going to be about. It concerns the current state of the battleground known as Champion Skyring and in this particular case, the Champion Skyring Premade.
      In the past during the launch of TERA EU, champion skyring was THE place to be for the game’s finest competitors, players who want to climb over other players by attempting to form their own premade with 3 players each carefully handpicked, whether if it is a good friend or just a player you would deem to be ‘skilled’ to help you climb in the ratings.
      Players all over the servers would compete in a high active, dynamical and ever changing combative scene where a single button would be able to change tides in either your or the enemies favour.
      Now some people would enter a debate with me as to why people think Champion Skyring is such a good representation of the so ephemeral term named ‘Skill’ and why other battlegrounds such as the Fraywind Canyon or the Corsairs Stronghold for that matter, can’t assume the same level of PvP.
      The truth is (for better or worse) there is no real way to show or prove that this is the case. You can’t prove that Skyring is pinnacle of TERA’s PvP because in all honesty, TERA has shown that there is skill and high level of PvP in every essence of its usability. Whether you are a Duellist, a Mass fighter, a 3v3 Specialist or perhaps all three of them, there is satisfaction and a certain level of skill needed to demonstrate that you’re above others in any PvP content and that you have to spend time and effort to have what it takes to take the win and rise above the rest. That is the charm of Player versus Player in any MMORPG or MOBA for that matter.

      With the way the game is currently looking and its future patches, I think its safe to assume that TERA is headed into a direction where gear is only impactful for PvE content. Around half a year back, Fraywind canyon was the epitome of PvP where gear was absolutely essential. I remember that I had players in my guild who solely played TERA and grinded a lot of hours just to get their gear so they could dominate the Fraywind Canyon scene. To me, this was a brilliant example of how it should be, because I always admired people who have a platform where they can strive for perfection and where they compete against others for fame, satisfaction, loot and respect. Now if we take a moment and go back even further in time, back to the Launch of the game, we can recall the days of the (in)famous Skyring Champions, who reached the pinnacle of PvP by either extreme talent or just dedication and a lot of hard work (I’m sure we all know a few names that keeps circulating among players..). Here people would gear up for the exact same purpose as people did for Fraywind a few months ago. Nothing really changed except for the platform. However Skyring started to slowly get inactive because of no other reason than the fact that people were;
      1.) Too scared to queue for it because of the ‘skill gap’.
      2.) The rewards did not balance out with the effort needed to compete.
      3.) Top level gear was almost a necessity.

      Now if we take these notes into consideration, and look to the game’s current state, we can notice that nothing has truly changed. The true issue with players not wanting to play Champion Skyring premade is due to the first and foremost issue; Gear. Second point worth noting is that beside gear, there is one more issue people have with the game mode, and that is that it has almost no rewards fitting for the amount of time and skill needed to prevail. There was no reason to climb and strive to the highest rankings, because the only thing you would achieve was unwritten fame. Now we enter a state where things get rather desperate but also comical. After speaking with multiple ‘Hard-core’ PvP players, I noticed that majority if not everyone stopped caring for rewards, as long as they get to challenge themselves against others to get a place in this unwritten Hall of Fame.
      When I consider my own opinion as a dedicated PvP player, I can’t help but agree with wanting to achieve consensus. Rewards are nice to have, and having seen how rewarding Champion Skyring has been, with the notorious Blood-Soaked title or the PvP gear you would get when reaching a certain rating, It seems rather selfish to ask the Dev’s for a return of these factors. However we as a hard-core PvP player base agree that it’s hard to try to balance things out with getting such factors back in a game where a lot of details have changed. So we won’t settle down and continuously ask for it. But what we do want to ask is the following. Around a year or two back, there was a moment where Gameforge decided to make Champion Skyring 3v3 Premade equalized. This invited a LOT of players into the game mode, because one of the key issues on the list of 3 things that keeps players from testing themselves in the arena, was now eviscerated. People kept queueing and everyone was enjoying their time spend. When the event ended, every contender who formed a team and played has had fond memories and wants to keep delving onto the hard-core PvP platform where you need Decision-making, fast reactions, coordinated movements and attacks, defensive patterns and offensive patterns, communication and game knowledge. All this, despite the fact that there are still 2 key points that needed to be solved for a perfect state for the battleground.

      Time has shown on different occasions how big of an issue the gear is in Champion Skyring premade, and that there is a justified reason behind it. This reason being that the gear allows for too much room for mistakes!
      Playing against a team that has full +15 item gear pieces, will allow them to almost put no effort into playing because playing Offensively will be forgiven, your healer will just be able to heal you without any issue, and you can start from scratch again should you be pushed in the corner. Now I realise that the point of this Post is not to show people that gear is that much of an issue. Back during the Champion Skyring prime time, People still had to get the finest gear to compete, it was necessary surely, but it was always giving you an extra edge. I’ll repeat it, an extra edge. Meaning it wasn’t the gear that made them win, it was their coordination, team play and fast reaction times. Having gear that allows you to be able to get away from key pressure moments with only a whiff of health points remaining is totally understandable. Having gear that allows you to free cast without having to worry about getting pressured because it’s a waste of time, that’s abit.. I’d go as far as saying ‘unfair’.

      So we’ve been victim to the gear necessity for quite a while now and some people would tell me it’s only normal to let people with gear compete, the Skyring is a place for the elite after all and gear as always been an important part of it, why change it now?

      Well there is a multitude of reasoning to change the current Champion Skyring Premade into the equalized version as is done before per request I assume. These reasons being;
      1.) PvP gets another active battleground satisfying EVERY high competitive PvP player in TERA.
      2.) Removing the stress on gearing will allow players to easily enjoy the content given to them but have to dedicate themselves to it, if they want to win.
      3.) The gear now farmed will be used for PvE content and won’t collide with their wish to play competitive PvP.
      4.) The equalized event has already been live, so I assume it wouldn’t take a lot of effort to put it active again (?)
      5.) PvE players who have an interested to the PvP scene can now jump across and compete against their superiors without having to worry about anything.
      6.) Fraywind Canyon has been made equalized and it continuous to have a positive effect on majority of the players.
      7.) Champion Skyring Premade has been made equalized in the past, and it has nothing but positive reactions.
      TERA has without a doubt one of the most satisfying and thoroughly envisioned combat system in a pool of world contending MMORPG’s, It seems not only a shame but almost an injustice towards the game system and its followers to not allow the hungry PvP players get their fill and allow them to traverse this game the way they do best, Climb on top of defeated enemies and strive for being the best in the game. With this I besiege, and plead for help from not only gameforge but the community itself to allow us to keep competing, and keep enjoying the game.

      That being said, I strongly encourage new and old, pvp and pve players to gather up with your friends and sign for Skyring Teams, whether it's equalized or not.

      The community has repeatedly shown in the past to being open to compromises in case Gameforge/Bluehole was not willing to Equalize the battleground, therefore we just need a place were we can discuss the whole matter and settle everything.

      3v3 being equalized is always welcome and a prized solution to many of us, but not a must. The purpose of this thread is to rally to the playerbase both PvE and PvP alike, that the battleground does exist and having it come back to 'life' would give everyone an outlet to test their PvP capabilities at a very (if not the highest) level of PvP.

      So lets get this thing working if I managed to pique your interest, I'm curious to see both reactions of the players and the GM's to this thread and see if it managed to humor the notion.
    • I read everything and I have a few things to say.
      While I technically agree with everything, the problem with eq (right now, in this moment) would be class imbalance (not something we, or GF staff can do anything about)

      You say full +15 p2w ppl can just "carelessly" make mistakes, and while to a degree, it is true, there's a class we all love right now that oneshots, no matter what: valkyrie
      In soloq it can potentially do over 120k dmg in ONE single attack, and there's little you can do.

      Now I'd believe eq gear would be generally better than soloq gear right now, classes deemed "overpowered" would still thrive in there, skill doesn't matter -that- much.
      Because let's say, if you have to start to peel, and your opponent is smart even a little bit, you'll never recover, and you can only do as much as to delay inevitable defeat.

      While I'd like new people to learn and get interested in pvp, little of them actually want to improve or get better, and most would only pick the "OP classes" to win fast and quick with lots of rewards (implying reward system will be changed) Imagine this situation: mystic, sorc, archer VS priest, sorc, valkyrie. Even if the mystic/sorc/archer are good, skilled players and might win most matches, since valkyrie is a braindead champion that oneshots, little skill (general knowledge is enough) is required to kill someone, especially with eq gear, no chance of survival against a oneshotting skill. I might be crying a bit here, and people can say "play the OP classes then" but where's the 'fun' and 'skill' in that?

      And let's be true here, the "elite people" have "unwritten rules" for Skyring, for example no ressing, among other things. There would be a lot of disagreement and debate upon these unwritten rules.

      Yes, I am aware I brought the valkyrie issue up a lot, but we can all agree, it is currently the most imbalanced, OP class right now, that would bring a lot of issue into eq gear.

      Other than that, equalised would be nice, since in the future, valk will be nerfed (-10% dmg LOL a oneshot will still be a oneshot), but maybe GF staff can do something about the gear to prevent oneshots.
    • 1. Class balancing
      2. Gear balancing/equalisation, either permanent or once a week "event" to provide a real chance to everyone. Example: "Every Sunday 3v3 Premade will be equalised gear."
      3. Public ranks on website and forum with seasonal reset.
      4. Top rank decent prizes at the end of each season ^
      5. Two tiers matching system, players under 1200PR(just an example) will only match with others under 1201PR, players of 1201PR will match only with players above 1200PR(for those scared of skill gap).

      Those are for me the crucial points of competitive and fair gameplay. No need for long stories.
    • I can see what you're saying but in all honesty, looking at Valkyrie's kit, there are absolute ways to counter it, and while I agree the oneshot combo is absurd, there still is ways to work against it. When reapers got released, we all thought it was broken to an absurd extent, same for gunner, brawler and ninja. History will repeat itself and valkyrie will get its deserved nerf in due time, I think this much will be given, Gameforge/Bluehole has proven to be able to balance things out to a 'playable' level.

      However there is one thing I have to comment on, the main message in your reply seems to be that you believe that gear is somewhat a medium to fight against classes like Valk, no? to counter their absurd one shot combo, you would get enough gear to be able to withstand it. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, the fact remains that even with two +15 pieces a valk can still rip through a priest with 100+ k damage without estars or any of those memes. Valk is the biggest issue with the equalized gear I agree, but I would agree even more if someone told me that even with gear, the difference is almost non existant, valk is still shredding other classes with it's damage.

      With the equalized gear you can pressure with equal damage which means if the valk wants to burst on, said A Healer, the DPS can peel and dish out alot of pressure as well to stand a chance, meaning you have been given an oppurtunity to 'compete'. With the way Skyring functions at the given moment, you can't compete unless you are up to date with your gear. And with up to date I mean having atleast 2 +15 pieces. Because if a +15 valk is pressuring a healer, a +12 dps can't 'outpressure' so they have no choice but to try and peel a class that has 360 rotating 10m staggers and stuns plus a backstab and the ever loved "ragnarok". So instead of having the gear factor play a role, why not let players devise methods to fight against such difficult counter's with solid and non-different gear situations. (heck, even jumping valk's backstab seems like a reasonable way to fight against it, since as many would concur, jumping is easily punished with a bit of effort.) Let players worry about game mechanics instead of their green stats or the enchantment number on their gear pieces.

      However I digress, In the end Valk is just a glorified Slayer, and it has a difficult time regaining pace when its on the pressured end of a fight, but I do agree that putting a valk on such a position requires alot more effort than actually playing a valk and destroying people with 3/4 buttons. And to be fair, I'd rather fight Valk's with equalized gear with multiple teams in q, than the same 3 teams, where you would inevitably still fight against a Valk.
    • Zartaras wrote:

      However there is one thing I have to comment on, the main message in your reply seems to be that you believe that gear is somewhat a medium to fight against classes like Valk, no?
      No, my message was clear, 1st point is for Class balancing due to the fact you stated. Gearing to win is not mentioned in my post, it is all directed to put everyone on an equal step and far from having same gear as solo Q.
    • Everything is possible if you put enough work into it... If Atmorph can change bosses, change gear in skyring, add buffs in dungeons... Then he can also remove buffs (combat accelerator) and change gear again.

      I personally think he wont do it. He just dont think its worth to bother with something that only 100 players will play when implemented... But if eq. gear was added as permanent change (combined with some "cool" title for 500 premade games played)... It could potentially effect thousands of players over time.

      Another thing that is connected to skyring premade...
      I said that kicking was extinct in 2015. But some new players that finally grew balls to que regularly (after they realized that soloq isnt some scary thing you should stay away from) are starting to kick again. They werent kicked when they were new, because rules were enforced by old skyring community. But now that they got some experience, they dont allow new players same chance we allowed them. To improve in soloq.

      I target those players (kick abusers) to create teams... So they can que skyring premade... Place where you dont need to kick and can choose players you want.
      Allow new players same chance you had when you started.

      PS: Dont get me wrong. Most players in que never kick. Just 2-3 healers (yes healers have huge power) think that rating matters in 2017.

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    • Apparently even ArcheAge (sandbox MMO) has had equalized 3v3 arena for a while. (I'm guessing more equalized than TERA since no crystals or glyphs, but I don't know if people just don't mention it on AA forums/vids). Though it does look a bit boring I only watched 2 videos, seems most people queue without a healer and end up dying in 10 seconds (or it has no healers?). At least it's deathmatch unlike in GW2 with stupid "hold the point" I'm so sick of that game mode and dev's obsession with it. (personally a reason why the old-school FW was pretty bad for me)

      Either way, BHS seem to be oblivious to the trend.
    • i just dont see the logic, making all bg's equalized but 3v3 none, like would make way more sense if it was the opposite size all kind of this new cdr meta just destroyed 3v3 premade logic,
      about class balance in equalized, yes some class would be more stronger, but that happens im premade too,
      3v3 premade equalized for sure would be great, queues will get more active.
      it was at more than 1 year that they put 3v3 premade equalized in a event, and what happens? alot of old player came back to play

    • Priest looking for dds... I play during week 8-11pm, during weekends all day (unlikely that I'll q premade during week tho)
      Gear atm is almost full +12 vm9 (only misery weap) +14 chestpiece full key jewels

      Accepting anyone with at least misery+12 pvp rolled and pvp crystals, any level of skill idc about losing
      If interested write me in parcel post (mail) or whisp me ingame, IGN: "Kyureta"
    • I just want to add... Interest for skyring was huge today. Premade was active for almost four hours... and when I logged off at 3.30am there were still three healers in solo skyring que.

      This just shows that content is fun, but lack of rewards and gear difference is turning way too many players away since 2014.
      Gear should be equalized... but not for any cost... premade eq. gear must be more balanced than current soloq one. Amount of damage in soloq gear is just way too big for coordinated teams.
      One option is to just add another matchmaking que... So we could have both eq. and uneq. matchmaking at same time.
      I wont go into rewards disscusion, because baby steps. :^)

      So I honestly hope gameforge staff is working closely with BhS to equalize this and if you need any kind of feedback... Well we have skyring discord where you can ask any question at any time.


      PS: There was one small problem... In past week there were certain players from one (PvE!) guild that were abusing premade matchmaking to farm Lakan Focus (of all items :lol: ). After some other team qued... they just draw.

      EDIT: I am realist. Geared PvE players that got option to roll PvP rolls wont play premade skyring every week, due to lack of rewards. But other players that dont have gear... quite a lot of them... Are interested into premade que.

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