hardly get crit on Sorcerer (How to improve DPS with sorcerer?)

    • Sorcerer

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    • Kapt wrote:

      Alternatively, you can search on Youtube for videos from Sorc's PoV, preferably the same dungeons that you are currently running. There are plenty videos even with Dps meter visible. Then you can clearly see what you do wrong or what you can improve.

      My guess, is that you have low dps back time. Dps from the front and side will greatly reduce your crit power and crit chance. And you probably idle too much because of whatever the reasons. Skilled players should rarely be idle even for one second during the fight.
      exactly that a pro sorc just told me yesterday.
      i actually always try to stand behind, but once i stand on the wrong side of darkan, i have to break my mana boost rotation, and then loost time on dps...something like that.
      thats only one example but other things that stops my rotations still holding me back...i guess.

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    • christausend wrote:

      I also never see the "enrage" time of bosses
      - you can predict this - boss are enraging regulary at some HP % (I wasnt in dungeon few months, so do not remember exactly (its summer you know :) :) ) but if I remember good, there is regular enrage each 20% of HP down? or 10%? so if you have mana boost with brooch ready and boss is 81% you can wait one mechanic to push hard than, so enrages - regular ones + tank created ones;
      (not in HH, there are different enrage rules)

      - in the end, you need to know boss very well to risk little bit, to dance still behind, to coordinate with lancers bufs and enrages, - its for trained ppl to manage all this and withdraw from sorcerer all her/his beauty :) :)
      - but if you dont know every boss tick in the eye :) than follow basics and party will be still ok with you

      so basic sorc rules: (not speaking about gearing etc, its must to have right stats etc..)
      1. be always behing boss, turned with yoour face to boss back + use boost/brooch bursts properly
      2. cast always - move only with quick positioning jumps or with AP casting
      3. be alive - lowest dps is done by death ppl :)

      and if you feel completely comfortable with boss fight:
      4. be aligned with tank (communication needed, with lancers/brawlers enrages, or lancers support buffs)
      5. expect enrages before its happend (regular+iregular) and coordinate boost/brooch with them

      If you do 1 2 3 most of the parties will be happy with you and your dps, if you add 4 and 5 - -you will be sorcerer star :)