Need a friend? Join Forsaken Inc guild

    • Need a friend? Join Forsaken Inc guild

      Hello Tera :)

      After 4,5 years of playing I am finally ready to write my first post on the forums^^ I would like to invite all new/old/returning players to my guild Forsaken Inc. We have been around for ever in the shadows as a guild for friends only but now im happy to say that we are open to anyone that wants to join. Either you just want someone to talk to or push dungeon I am sure you will meet people that can help. Atm we are not big or high lvl but together we can do miracles^^
      Dont be afraid to whisper me ingame @ Jlopez or apply via guilds ingame. Or just send a hallo im always happy to respond :)
      Oh and we have free cookies to all :D


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