Attached files on Support Tickets? I need help!

    • Attached files on Support Tickets? I need help!

      So I sent TWO support tickets into the Tera Support System about some simple in game harassment within the past month. My first ticket included two attached files of only partial screen screenshots (I deleted the previous saved files from my computer as well as cleaned out my recycle bin since then of a full screen screenshot) since upon submission the file said it was too big to attach. However, my ticket was investigated and answered anyway by a nice support employee and the ticket was closed shortly after as resolved. Yesterday, I submitted another ticket to support with three partial screen screenshots as an attached file. Now I have a different Tera Support Employee that told me the following:
      In case of any more issues in future, please read the following instructions from our ticket system if you want to send us a picture:
      • A picture may not be larger than 2048 kB.
      • In addition, the image can only be in the following formats: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, txt.
      • If one of the images does not correspond to this data, it will be not added to your ticket.

      If you do not know how to zoom out an image, please proceed as follows:
      • Open any search engine in your browser.
      • Enter in the search window “Zoom Out Picture”.
      • Then you will receive a various set of online providers, from which you can reduce the image free of charge.

      You can then attach the reduced image to the ticket as described above. Alternatively, it is also possible to save the external image online and send us the link.

      What I would like to know, people of Tera is how to make a file that is not larger than 2048 KB but still have a full screen screenshot. My ticket is not being investigated now, when the the prior ticket was, just because of this one small detail that the first employee forgot to mention to me :/ Is there a guide somewhere about how to do this? Is there a specific screenshot client or specific photo resizing client that someone would care to recommend to make the file size within the limit yet still abide by Tera's request for full screen screenshots??? I feel very lost since I did ask the Tera Support Employee the exact same information but got repetitive responses that only did not answer my questions, but left me feeling really stupid and confused. Since I could not find any answers, I would like to see if there is a chance at finding the answers to my questions here on the forum pages!
    • First, you should consider not reporting people unless it's actual harassment, and not your pride/ego talking.

      Second, the file size limit is indeed low for full-screen screenshots. That's why it's better to just upload your screenshot elsewhere and give them a direct link. This way the text will be clearer to read. There are various websites for image/file hosting. Here's an example: Or Or whatever other website you normally use for file sharing.

      If you really want to send an attachment, you can change the quality of a picture to comply with the maximum size limit. The closer it is to it, the better. You can do this even with MS Paint. No need for other, more sophisticated software. Just open your image, find the resize button, then lower the percentage gradually and save the image until the file size meets the requirements.

      1. Open the image with Paint

      2. Click Resize.

      3. Set any size you like - it's easier to use the % option.

      4. Save the image but don't close Paint.

      5. Check the new size of the image.

      6.1. If not satisfied and the image is still big, go back to step 3. and lower the size again (now 100% is the new image size).
      6.2. If not satisfied and the image is too small, go back to step 3., press Ctrl+z (or the blue backward arrow at the top left - ) to undo the previous resizing, then choose a higher %.
      6.3. If satisfied, close Paint and you're done.

      Note: At step 4., it's better to use the Save As function, in case you want to keep the original file unchanged.

      Good luck!

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    • Just save the picture as a new file, saving it as .jpg. Open it -> save as -> below, where you set a name, you can set it to be a .jpg file. The picture will be a little bit pixelated but you will be able to read everything on it.

      If that wasn't enough, GIMP has a feature to adjust the quality and size of a .jpg picture. If you don't want to do what Sunny said and you also don't want to download this program to do it yourself, send the full sized image to me and I'll either resize it or change the type of the picture for you. :>
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    • I don´t know if the accept it, but in all of my support tickets i wrote they accepted the private link to a website where you can upload the full image.. i used mostly IMGUR for it and set the Pictures on "Users with the link only" setting, so no one official except the people who got the link from me can see it..
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    • Forgot about the forum for a while and eventually found my own way to submit jpg files successfully in a ticket. Thank you all for the responses anyway. I am sure they will still be very helpful towards anyone else who get's confused.

      FTR: Yes it was actual harassment.