what is wrong with my char? Brawler.... HELP plz

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    • what is wrong with my char? Brawler.... HELP plz

      i still kill slow with brawler and still dont know what wrong
      can any one tel me what wrong with my stats , skills , play style , potions using while i play?
      in next video i play solo lvl67 Brutal Bloodbound Quest
      kill Speed:
      first kill 1:38 min , 2nd 43 sec , 3rd 37 sec
      and in another video for another NA server player Brawler kill same monster with this time
      first kill 30 sec , 2nd 27 sec , 3rd 8 sec
      you see the big difference?

      in video i show my stats/stuff
      here my char video ( slow kill)

      and here the other pro player video ( fast kill)
    • After killing the first boss you are taking a yellow bubble which is increasing your critpowerdamage extremly (if i remember correctly). Its 100% a damage boost.

      Besides that we don't know your glyphs neither the glyphs of the "you call pro player" :D

      You don't have etchings, nor you have the right cristalls. Also your weapon rolls are bad. He is using +12 weapon.
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    • So for the glyphs I can't really help you I rarely play brawler.

      For Cristalls - in jewellry take 4x keen vyrsk (critfactor)

      Weapon :
      1xWraithful niveot
      1xPounding niveot
      1x carving niveot
      1x focused niveot

      Etching is like a scroll which has 4 different levels (1 is bad, 2 is ok for like your gear, 3 is nice and 4 is amazing etching :D lets call it like that) and different types like : Energetic, Aggro etchings, keen, power etc. You can buy it in the broker and attach it onto your weapon/gloves. There are also etchings for amor but they are only adding defence what you shouldnt aim for now.

      With your current gear I would suggest you to use energetic II etchings for gloves and weapon. Energetic etchings will grant you attackspeed and cooldown reduction.

      I would love to help you a little more but I play the game in german so it's kinda hard to find all the items/etc in english^^
      No matter how carefully you choose your words, they'll always end up being twisted by others.
      Denken ist schwer, darum urteilen die Meisten.
    • For me it seems like you're a beginner so your first aim should be to meet ppl and/or find a guild that is willed to help you and explain you what you should do next.

      Maybe they can carry you through the new hardmode 7man dungeon/orca normalmode so you can get the current mid tier gear.
      I'm not sure if it is worth it to put all your mwa and mes into the old hm gear.
      No matter how carefully you choose your words, they'll always end up being twisted by others.
      Denken ist schwer, darum urteilen die Meisten.
    • The NA Brawler has a better weapon than you so thats the first part.
      Since you have the wrong stats I will tell you the right ones.

      Weapon: 9,3% enraged monster
      9,3% enraged monster
      8,6% damage against highest aggro
      Decrease cooldown by 7,2%
      if VM 6% damage

      Shoes are pretty much good but I would recommend changing the reduction of slowing effects to movement speed.

      Chest: Increase damage of Jackhammer or reduced cooldown of roundhouse kick. These are the two acceptable overline stats. I myself prefer Jackhammer.
      reduced damage of enraged monster
      reduced damage of monster with highest aggro
      reduced from frontalattacks
      if VM reduced damage

      Your gloves are also nearly perfect but you need to change the MP effect to critrate.

      On rings you want to have 4 crit and 4 power and on earrings 4% HP and 4 endurance. On Necklace you should take 4 power. On Brooch you should go for 3 power and 6 crit. The same as the belt. Underwear should be crit.

      To the crystal setup you got here there is a little something to add. You should only use the carving if you don't have 100% crit on Haymaker. If you do have it you should use a ounding crystal instead of carving.

      For the glyph setup I use this essentialmana.com/glyph-calc/#…4:e1:h3:l146:n145:p135:s0 .
      I won't say it's the perfect one since it isn't but I have no problems with it. Also there will probably be someone commenting on the quick dash glyph so I tell my reason for using it: I'm right now thinking about how to glyph with the quick dash changes in the future and already a bit at trying things out.

      But since you can't keep Growing Fury up when fighting against BAMs I use a different glyph setup when I kill them.
      It's this one: essentialmana.com/glyph-calc/#…d124:h3:j1:l146:n145:p135

      I think this should help you out a bit.
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    • nosseir63 wrote:

      Thanks lady.kill
      but if i did the steps you told me...i can kill this monster in 8 sec ( like NA player did)?...my best time was 37 sec
      i mean this steps can make this differenc? 37 sec to 8 sec
      If it happens that you play again at night, feel free to whisper me ingame so I could check what might be wrong. I'm no expert by any means but I should be able to give some information about what could be better.

      First things first, what really matters:
      - Enchant your weapon up to +12
      Said crystal

      lady.kill wrote:

      1xWraithful niveot
      1xPounding niveot
      1x carving niveot
      1x focused niveot
      Rolling correct stats on your weapon

      And you might be good to go. :3
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    • welcome in the min maxing of this game :). As both commenters here said weapon stat rolls are rlly important. If you dont have double 9,3% enrage on it you lose approx 20% of your dmg on each hit. Thats massiv when you crit for 1-2 million.

      I would even not put the 7,2% cdr on your weapon as Arlos said bc 6% more dmg is better. Why it is better bc you want to have energetic etchings on both your gloves and weapon and those (if categorie IV) give 6% cdr and thats enough to always have your dbl rotation (primar and filler) up.

      Another thing to glyphs: there exist glyphs with different rarity. Blue ones are the best and you want those on your most used skills when they enhance dmg. You can farm tokens on those bams you mentioned to purchase blue glyphs. If you follow everything in here and you min max also your ability to keep your rotations going you will be a rlly good tank.

      Edit: no one explained to you what enrage is sry. Enrage is a state where any monster is well yeah in rage mode. They do more dmg overall but also take more dmg then usual. You as a tank has an enrage skill that you can use to force this state or it automatically starts after the first 10% of the bam/boss. It last for 36 sec and is your main dmg phase. The stat rolls enhance your dmg in this period of time which is an insane dmg boost that you will see. Gl to you

      Edit2: some spelling (was on mobile sry :D)

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