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      IMPORTANT! For the moment the guild is inactive, hence the recruitment is off for a while.


      I would like to present a brand new guild called POTATOES. We are eager to welcome new players that have recently engaged with the game as well as old players that have prior experience. We are looking for players that would like to be part of a community and that would actively participate in our raids/parties. At the current moment we have around 46 players, hence a medium guild, level 133. The following guild skills are unlocked: Increases Power 5/5, Increases Crit 5/5, Increases Endurance 5/5, Increases Mana 5/5, Increases HP 5/5, Increases Speed Movement 5/5, Convergence-summoning all guild mates 1/1, Mount Speed Increased 3/5, Decreases Stun Effect 5/5, Increases Crit Resistance 5/5. If you think that you would fit in this guild or that you are interested in us, please contact via parcel post or try your luck on whisper in game Varnesis.

      What we expect from you:

      R1: Only English is allowed in the guild chat.
      R2: When you join the guild, it is expected of you to introduce yourself and have a certain degree of involvement in regards to the social area.
      R3: It is required of you to involve yourself in the guild’s activities: parties and raids.
      R4: If there are guild quests activated one of your responsibility is to try to contribute to their completion.
      R5: We do not require of you to be daily active, however, we do require that when you enter the game you join us That is also in your benefit. We do not approve of lonely wolves.
      R6: For the new players to TERA we require that you ask questions about the game, your class, the community and basically how things work in the game.
      R7: We are not elitists, but we do want to help everyone evolve as a player and develop their skills. We will observe you and will point out the mistakes.
      R8: We have a discord channel and it is mandatory to join it as we post news and important information there. We have bots for music, games and entertainment. You are not required to use voice chat if you do not want to.
      R9: If you are inactive for more than a month without a prior notice to the guild master or an officer you will be kicked out of the guild.
      R9 CONTINUATION: Adding to this, if you wish to take a break from the game, please, do let me know beforehand.
      R10: For the future, for those who can accept guild quests I kindly ask of you to keep one for the guild BAM. Keep 4/5 just in case :)
      R11: If, at any given point a misunderstanding or something happened to you that involves another guild mate, in the game or in discord, please approach me first before taking further actions.

      What we offer:

      O1: We want to help you to develop a better understanding of the game so if you have unsettling questions we will be there to answer them, in game or on discord.
      O2: We have Officers and people with a special title, approach them if anything is troublesome, they will help you out.
      O3: We will always do our best to help you with gear and pass runs for those who are in need.
      O4: We collaborate with other guilds so from time to time we combine the parties or raids, or we just go help each other out when needed

      The rules are prone to constant change as seen fit.

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