Hello, Current Version Unknown

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    • Hello, Current Version Unknown

      As the title states, I tried everything the forum had to offer but I found no solution that helped. I reinstalled Tera from the website not from steam and it worked for two logins (yesterday 20/05/2017) then today the current version unknown showed up again.

      just saying. I never had this problem before when I was buying large amount of TT every month. but now because of the lack of new contents(Costumes and weapon skin and mounts) I stopped buying TT and this problem started to show up ._.
      Notices Nao-chan
    • so there is one human option and one option you can use for gameforge..
      Human option : use the repait tool and hope it will work..
      Gameforge option: Buy TT again!

      Nothing offensive just jokes!

      I am sorry not being able to help you! :elin11:
      ?( Bitte was?