Civil Unrest

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    • Civil Unrest

      Hello I'd like to ask how does Civil Unrest work, what does my guild have to do to participate / win? I haven't taken part in it at all, in fact I don't know how to go to that place called Civil Unrest, any information given would be highly appreciated!
      It Just feels so empty without me :elin33:
    • First you have to buy the guild tower blueprint here (costs guild founds and only guild master can purchase it):

      Then you can go in the CU area by talking to this NPC choose the upper button:

      Find a suitable place for your tower then right click on the scroll to "build" it. This has to be done before the war begins anytime during the week.

      War is Sunday at 5-7PM. You make your raid/party and enter the war by the same NPC using the lower button. You have to defend your tower. Whoever has the last tower alive or the tower with the most HP will win.

      GF guide: