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    • Transparency - Keep it going

      Dear Atmorph and Shiro,

      in the last couple of days and weeks, it came to our notice that you are providing us with additional and VERY useful informations like loot tables from different event rewards boxes (although the probability column is still kinda weird but I guess you can't break it down more detailed w/o getting mommy GF angry).

      So basically, I would thank you for that in the first place, it restored my faith in you guys and made the whole "posting threads"-thingy actually a worthwhile activity.

      At the same time I'd like to kindly ask you about the "Dreamer's Token" which is one of the jackpot rewards. It was already asked in another thread a while ago, but wasn't answered, maybe you skipped it on purpose but actually I'd like to believe you just didn't see it. I want to know pretty badly what's the deal with those tokens because they could be the only rewards worth running for (lets be honest, 25 rubys for a timescape run? hell no...).

      Everyone have a lovely wednesday :cookie:
      ; DROP DATABASE tera;

      Bleibt zu hoffen dass es klappt :beer:

      Iaito, make Tera great again pls :stick:
    • The Dreamer's Tokens are tied to another event that will start in the near future and can be exchanged for various items during that event. More details will follow later, so please stay tuned for that :)

    • Oh boi Iaito, I am so damn sorry, I was kind of in a hurry and I forgot to address it to you too.
      But please, take the honor as well and thank you for your work in bringing us more details and clarity in terms of nearly everything GF does.

      Again, so sorry and thank you for your reply! Gonna stay tuned for sure.
      ; DROP DATABASE tera;

      Bleibt zu hoffen dass es klappt :beer:

      Iaito, make Tera great again pls :stick:
    • Just a short follow up on that, since the first "Jackpot" with dreamers token will be live on thursday, are we getting any information till then?
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