• Sorcerer
    • CRIT or POWER?

      Hey peeps,

      about sorcerer. im using now guile 12.
      how much do you guys build ur crit and power?
      im really not sure after the revamp.

      my hardest hit is only like 5M, nore to 3M thou.
      really want to hit at 10M

      cheers for a better tera world!

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    • I would recommend to take a look at Yoshas mage guide and also there is still Misery gear waiting for you. :) Etchings are wasted on guile.
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    • Focus more on building crit factor without wasting the power rolls: optimal ring rolls are 4 power 4 crit > 4 2 power > 4 power 2 crit and use double crit set (heaventrap + keytrap or [resized] manorborne); brooch/belt 3 power 6 crit > 6 4 crit; circlet with 8 crit. Try to get 12 crit innerwear if you dont have it yet, they are really cheap right now.

      I'm playing my sorcerer with +260 crit factor (using x2 energetic etchings, with double keen i should reach reach +304 crit factor) and +117 power.

      I would recomand you to build minimum +230/240 crit factor (without etchings) this content, due the high crit resist of the bosses. Also, you will probably never see high dmg numbers as sorcerer anymore in 4 stars+ dungeons since these new bosses have a ton of endurance aswell. (my highest meteor crit in vsnm so far was around 7m).

      The max ammount of power/crit you can have this patch without wasting power and crit rolls on gear is +120 power (with only nostrum up) and +316 crit factor (with double keen etching, with double energetic is +272), once we get the resizing kits patch we can get 16 extra crit factor i think
    • When you think you have enough crit on sorc add more! Just add as much crit as you can go 300+
      There's no end to how much crit a sorc needs.
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    • Thx for the help!!
      i will take a look on yoshas build soon.

      starting now only crit build on my sorc then!

      cheers! :elin21:

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    • if you want to go for the high number consider these things as sorc

      • Mana Boost (adds skill damage)
      • power brooch (adds Power)
      • Supporting party (power buffs, endurance debuffs)
      • Boss is Enrage
      • Boss is under 10% HP

      Bonus: during mana boost, use warp barrier to cast the single-hit meteor, which does the highest max hit

      P2W Bonus: proper gear, mighty dragons, slaying, consumables etc. you will reach close to 8m in 4+ dungeons

      as for gear, like any fine sorc here said: never enough crit