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    • Tera Math: Ilvl Calculator

      Hai o/

      This Excel sheet calculates your item level based on the level of your gear.
      I made and used this to see which item(s) to get to reach the item level for a Vanguard daily!
      It also shows you the contribution of each piece of gear and how exactly Tera multiplies and adds its values.
      Hope this might help someone!

      Nocti ~ Nya

      Edit: Updated values

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    • the in-game calculation isn't accurate either. It often tells me that I can get one iLvl more with the stuff residing in my inventory (I carry multiple gears/accessoires with me). However, no combination gives me +1 as it tells me.
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    • Kiciuk wrote:

      I feel like there are some bonuses on jewels.
      I mean that with 3 pieces it gives 1 more ilv or something.
      For example 1 piece of jewel is worth of 9ilvl but if you equip all then it bump a bit
      with 2-3 pieces is sum of them +1 and with 4 or 5 sum+2.
      That's because Tera still keeps using the digits of the original multiplication before it floors it.
      In the example picture I showed above:
      1 ring has a contribution of 9.87 ilvl which becomes 9 base ilvl if it is your only equipment, because of the floor on the base ilvl.
      If you would equip 2 rings with 9.87 ilvl contribution, the total ilvl becomes 9.87+9.87=19.74 => 19 ilvl, wich would obviously be different than just the sum of 9+9=18.

      I did some more testing and found that the numbers dont seem to match up at all.
      I found out:
      - The weapon contribution is a value between 27.4 and 27.51
      - The chest contribution is a value between 20.723 and 20.74
      These numbers are regardless of the amount of floor you use for the seperate multiplications.

      Also, regarding the floor:
      I'm 99% sure the floor to 1 on the total ilvl is correct. The floor on the sererate values on the other hand isn't as simple.
      I tried to alter it to 0.1 and 0.001, but it doesnt seem to make sense.
      Instead I removed the floor all together and started testing the contribution value of the accessories (previously 3%).
      I found that if there would be none or a very low floor (<=0.0001), the contribution value of accessories should be somewhere between 2.9622 and 2.9635.

      So in that regard I started using the following values:
      -2.963% for accessories
      -27.45% for weapon
      -20.73% for armor
      -18.5% for boots and gloves
      -1.4815% (2.963/2) for innerwear

      These seem to work for all the values I've tried so far.
      I'll update the Excel for now, let me know if you find more irregularities.
    • This is all very nice and really thank you for your effort but unfortunately it isn't working for me. The problem that I have is that when I change a value the ilvl is not calculated (seen better in screen) I can't unprotect the sheet either because there is a password, could you please help me?
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    • parazitenew wrote:

      Hi, I recreated a new one.

      Tera ilvl Simulator.xlsx
      I actually found out that 2,75 is a more accurate contribution percentage for the brooch. Since with 3% in your calculator if I put in the values of my alt the result is 440 while I have 439 ingame. This problem is fixed with 2,75% on brooch.
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