Launcher Termination Code 5 Error

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    • Launcher Termination Code 5 Error

      I took an 8 month break from the game. I know the launcher was updated in the meantime but I have never encountered this error before. I just returned to the game and the game is randomly crashing to desktop with the error in the attached image. I heard some newer guildies got this error too "in the beginning." If the support team needs my PC specs, I'll provide them.
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    • You're not alone. I got this error 10 days ago. I didn't have to do anything - just started the game again and all has been good. A guildmate was complaining of it the other day. Another guildie got code 10 - for insufficient RAM, although he said he had 12 GB of free RAM at that moment.
      These error messages were added about 2 weeks ago. Evidently, some are meaningless or just triggered randomly, just so there's some reason behind a crash. Before the game would just crash and that was it. Now at least there's a possible cause for it.

      I've seen and know of termination codes 5, 6, 10, 257, as well as 259. It's kinda hard to believe there are 259 different possible reasons for the game client to stop responding. And we'll never know because they couldn't be bothered to announce the update, nevermind provide a list of codes.

      Good luck getting a reply by the Support team... here... on a Saturday!

      And welcome back!