Battlegrounds during the afternoon

    • Battlegrounds during the afternoon


      I am a old tera player (leave after tensus patch) and I would like to know if I can expect to have some pvp during the afternoon.
      Before I leave Tera the Corsair still running fairly well during the afternoon, but today after queue 1h+ still no corsair...

      Maybe it's another battleground running on the afternoon ? Or i can forget Tera for pvp during the afternoon ? I really like Tera every time in comeback because the gameplay is so much better than other mmo but wait 1h+ for one battleground is not a option...

      ps: Sorry for my poor English.
    • Yes, Solo Q works on the afternoon and evening. Other BGs, Nope!

      Only the BG of the event is active at evening.

      Edit: Welcome back to the game, Enjoy!

      Quited Tera - Sorcerer is Love!