Current Version Unknown - Launcher Problem

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    • Current Version Unknown - Launcher Problem

      I recently got this error. As you can see in the image below, I can't start the game!

      I tried the following and no use:
      - Restarting the launcher
      - Open troubleshoot comptability
      - Deleting the version files in the Tera folder
      - Deleting pgc_v2.version n TERA/Client folder, it was going to install the game again, so I cancelled and used my backup file
      - Installed @Sunflare launcher files, no use!

      Need help!

      Quited Tera - Sorcerer is Love!
    • Are you using Steam or the normal launcher?
      Replace all launcher files (I can upload the very latest if you like but in an hour) and do a repair (or file verification for Steam).
    • I'm using the normal launcher.

      I fixed it by removing version files, then it happen again. Tried to remove the version files again and it didn't work.
      I deleted the game and put it back from my external hard disk, patched it and it worked.
      Today, it happen again, and I'm kinda sick of the game, to be honest!

      I didn't change any file or use any mode or 3rd party software!

      Quited Tera - Sorcerer is Love!
    • Re-downloading the game is not an option for me. I have slow internet which is considered high in the country I'm living in.

      Thanks for help, I appreciate it!

      Quited Tera - Sorcerer is Love!