Character Creation bug

    • Character Creation bug

      I just downloaded this game, at the character creation the game does nothing after entering my name, after 15 seconds or so it will disconnect me from the server, It happened 13 times. I first tried the steam client, after that I uninstalled the game, downloaded the gameforge client, It happened the same thing, right now I repaired the game 3 times and I still cannot create my character. I never stayed more than 2 minutes, my internet download speed is 10 mbps, I got 8gb ram, 4gb video card, intel 7 processor and a lot of free space. I cannot understand why this keeps happening. in the game file it says nothing about some sort of error. The only and single thing it says on the console is : " Notification center caught unhandled exception: object is not a function", yet I don't know what that is.
    • Kisei wrote:

      How long u took with creation? Sometimes It happen when u take longer to creat ur character.
      This can't be it. I get disconnected after I try naming my character - sometimes before, sometimes after I've customised it.

      InputoNamae wrote:

      I never stayed more than 2 minutes, my internet download speed is 10 mbps
      My speed is actually over 70 mbps - both download and upload - I even tested with a German server location (on 10 mpbs was the speed I had while downloading the game. I've seen people downloading with 200 kb/s, even less. I am confident it's not because of my speed.
    • InputoNamae wrote:

      did you read what I wrote? I got 4gb NVidia GeForce gtx 950m, intel core i7, 8gb RAM and 760rpm HDD of 1 tera. yet the only issue is that I can't press complete, it seems that after I enter my name everything goes down, the name is unique not offensive...
      My apologies, the info got lost by the lack of capitalization. Anyway, in this light - that's not the problem for sure.
    • Sunflare wrote:

      I'll let moderators help you.
      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash:

      *5MIN LATER*

      okay now that i've stopped laughing (almost died really :oops: ) i think your internet and pc specs are not the problem. This is a bit stupid question but did you maybe skipped verifying your account? Try logging to website or maybe changing pw or smth to reconfirm it is you. I think this is the first time anyone had this kind of problem so no idea what could be happening :(
    • InputoNamae wrote:

      it can't possibly be the first time someone got this

      :D Yep + .Thats an old/oldest problem/bug from even closed beta - first times of Tera. And yep, stupid bug, happened to me couple of times in past.
      General fix of it : Time :D
      If rush : People were creating character in another servers first (fastly name it, dont play with any customization just write a name pick a class,race fastly), login, play 5 minutes, then back to create character menu again and somehow it was working. But it wasnt %100 work for everyone lel, thats the only solution i can remember. Writing only if someone else has the same kind of problem, "maybe" can fix that way.
      If you made something else as a solution, write down so maybe help to others who can face it later.
      A very old anthic legend which is written on an unknown years old rock says :

      "All Slayer, Mito Slayest"