Fashion Coupon Store for Valkyries extremely limited

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    • Fashion Coupon Store for Valkyries extremely limited

      One simple question: Any reason why the Fashion Coupon Store for Valkyries is that limited?

      As far as I know, some preview showed the Valkyrie in almost all existing leather outfits (for Slayer, Archer, Warrior), including, Queen's Template, Basilisk Template and Celebrity Template.

      Any chance the rest of the leather templates will be implemented as well?
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    • Yes

      Shopupdate: Valkyrie Hero Armor Box. Get one of 12 Armor Templates
      Shopupdate 2: Vaklyrie Hero Weapon Box.

      This is why they never should remove the customization in the first place. U know where u can use other armor piece as skin for current gear. I want my customization back :/