CS In-depth Guide - For CS Love!

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    • CS In-depth Guide - For CS Love!

      Hello again ladies and gentlemen! :elin40:
      This is Matrixo from Server: Killian - Current Guild: Tsunami :elin37:

      And this thread is an updated version of the guide: CS In-depth Guide - For CS Love!
      This time I will use Google docs for a better formatted guide that I can edit any time. I hated writing in forum before! :elin15:

      Here is the updated guide
      Let me hear your feedback, suggestions, flaming and correction! :elin36:


      For players who can contribute, I need your help! :elin6:

      I'm missing many images in my guide! I'm trying to gather them, but I don't really have time for CS nowadays!

      So, I'm asking you guys to help me in gathering the required images! While you doing CS, just screenshot a required image!

      I added a placeholder for every image I need in the document!

      You can press Ctrl+F and search for <insert> to see a description of the images I need!

      Players copy rights will be reserved, so don't worry about that!

      Please, add the image here as a reply to this thread, add the placeholder and your character name!


      Placeholder: <Insert> Image here for Matrixo profile picture

      Character name: Matrixo

      Arigatou Gozaimasu

      @Iyashi Trying to copy your Elin style cause I like it o.o!

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    • Alright guide though I'd wish you'd correct all the spelling errors, specifically the one regarding plagiarism.
      If you're smacking that on there, it has to be spelled right or it won't ever hold up in any form of court should someone bother to copy the opinions of someone else just because they lack any of their own.
    • I checked the copyrights paragraph, I changed it a bit, but I'm unable to see any typo! Would be nice if you mentioned it!

      Nowadays I'm hugely inactive due to many reasons. So yeah, hard to keep up!

      The guide still missing many images and I can't provide them with my old laptop, so would appreciate people support!