Ban wave this past weekend.

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      Borsuc wrote:

      @Sunflare: Found this gem for you:

      That's the blog of a Microsoft employee / software dev so naturally, so he has experience with that kind of stuff.
      lol Thanks for that - good laugh but I sincerely hope people like Person X do not actually exist. Or they don't speak English or whatever language in which such replies can be misinterpreted so blatantly. What about the middlemen? They don't get too reply to these ridiculous expectations others have made? I would actually be ashamed to reply the way Person X did. wow

      On-topic: most of the affected players by the ban wave have now been unbanned but not after having to deal with pro requests from Support such as providing details of a person who paid for your TC sub 6 months ago. lol
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      I'm not here to start an argument about this, but here's what I've found about the Moderator role.

      anemsalok wrote:

      What are the responsibilities and requirements for Moderators?

      Be helpful, respectful and reasonable - the most important job of a Mod is to help the players!
      Although this is a bit outdated, it seems helping other players is actually a requirement when applying for moderatorship on the forums - or a responsibility afterwards. And since it wasn't refreshed for a longer period of time, the current moderators applied being aware of that point. Or at least they should have.

      However - without specifying -, "helping" has different meanings.
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      Sunflare wrote:

      lol Thanks for that - good laugh but I sincerely hope people like Person X do not actually exist.
      Looks like You have no idea what some customers are looking to get away with : )

      I'm afraid it's a bit different for retail customer service (where all the shop assistants that are at work that day, are doing the same stuff) and specialized support service, though.

      Or... While working at a music store and a person comes to you asking whether you sell toilet paper (and I worked at a music store, and there was a customer who came looking for tp), would you go buy them toilet paper from the next door shop, or call the next door shop to book a roll of toilet paper to customer, sorry, what's your name so they can book it specifically for you? Ah, a mister Kaka Papa. Or would any sane, trained customer service staff just direct them to the correct shop?

      When it comes to bigger companies and departments - there are two additional things to common service training. Employees don't really want to do their co-workers jobs for them (yes, even if it would make a customers life easier) - and their managers don't want them to do that either, even though politeness and accuracy are very much encouraged, demanded, even - taking over someone else's specialization or responsibility is a big no-no. Not only because they don't want to - but for reasons they shouldn't do that at any costs.

      Personally, if I was a Billy working in billing support and Terrence from tech support would want to handle a billing-related ticket - and IF he does something wrong, or pulls any strings related to it at all (and mostly he wouldn't even have access to what he needs to help the case) - I would get shit for it - which is the first reason I would prefer that nobody else takes over tickets intended to me.

      Even more - if Terrence would direct the billing-related ticket to me directly - there will be more confusion - as Terrence's ticket probably doesn't have enough information and I would have to ask additional questions anyway. It is very irregular.

      NOW, you'd think that it is okay that when customer Casey sent a billing related ticket to tech Terrence, Terrence responded to him that his message was forwarded to Billy, and now Billy also writes to Casey, inquiring on some additional info - it might happen so that Casey will want to keep responding to Terrence and keep asking Terrence to talk to me about those things, since Terrence was nicer and knew what he was doing and insists that he answer his questions instead (much like the microsoft guy described - this really does happen) - because trust me, your average customer has no clue about a companies inner-workings, departments, how work is divided etc (and of course they mostly imagine that they are the only or the most important customer) - and they don't give a damn just the same way you don't - they just want their expectations met (and you won't believe how many people have expectations higher than your average king).

      So, while on the customers perspective it is super easy to send mail just to this one wrong guy, when that guy takes the bait, what is happening behind the scenes will not be normal. And when you have besides Casey another 100 tickets pending which might or might not be related to your department - you are already doing your job wrong.

      So, the correct thing has been done - tell the customer to contact a different department for this.
      And yes, sometimes it happens that a customer is being redirected to an incorrect department - accuracy is impossible with incomplete information, sometimes the best they can do is a brave guess - if they start asking further questions to get a better idea on which is the correct dep to handle this, bait again XD. So, the customer gets directed to the wrong department - gets further redirected. Nothing weird.

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      deathfeeble wrote:

      Looks like You have no idea what some customers are looking to get away with : )
      Seeing all this on my phone scared the crap out of me. Sorry but I don't think I reached even halfway through. rip

      Borsuc wrote:

      he has experience with that kind of stuff
      I still think every single thing in that article is a lie. One's colleagues just can't be that stupid or insolent, or both.

      I wrote to YouTube's Support this week to ask about something I was extremely unhappy with on a personal level. They replied. And I replied too but in my reply I asked them about another thing that wasn't related to the matter I initially contacted them about. So this is what they said:

      YT Sup wrote:

      Regarding the <other matter>, I have forwarded it to the right team for you to be assisted accordingly.
      So, I'm waiting for the right team to get in touch with me... someday. That person could've indeed told me I had to write to another department and be done with it but they didn't.
      Hope you see the difference between their customer service and 'ours'.