Level-up event rewards not coming through~

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    • Level-up event rewards not coming through~

      As the event is not meant to end until the 04.04 I thought I would make the most of my used/un-used accounts to start some classes I've wanted to try during the event period. I've had no issues in getting the rewards so far on any of my accounts, until now. This account has not been used for a while and I have not levelled anything on it for a long time either, so there is no reason for the rewards to not come though.
      I've been waiting for a few hours to see if they are just being slow to arrive, but it's been too long for it either not to be a bug/or there's something wrong with my account.

      I've included a screenshot of the character, the item-claim and my inventory to show that there is nothing in it. Seeing as the Level 2 Adventurer's Box can't be put into a bank, it's clear I have not received anything.

      Of course if I'm being dumb and the event has ended already due to a change of plan then I apologise, but I want to get one more toon levelled before the end of the event!


    • You have bonus xp. 8| I hope you haven't skipped level 2 by any means (not sure if that's possible though xD). If that's the only character on that account and you haven't received anything on it as you said, you should copy and paste all this and write a ticket and most likely they will send you a box.
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