FC clothes for gunners

    • FC clothes for gunners

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      I was wondering if more people are sad about FC costumes for gunners. It really looks like ever since we get reaper, Tera giving less and less work into Fashion Coupons armors. I understand it, I really do. Its way how to push people to spend money in item store. But it really seems very unfair that old classes had so many options while new ones getting less and less. If anything else, it should be equal. Its not like we can remodel armors now, it was taken down and replaced with FC, so maybe its time to really give it some love.

      I went into character creation where you can preview your character with different armor looks to see what you can wear later. Sadly this doesnt really apply to gunners. While they have in character creation nice armors, they cant really wear them ingame. They could be find while leveling, but since we cant remodel armor looks, and they cant be bought with FC, its just a big joke. I know that armor could be find in auction, that it might drop from boxes you buy in item store. That is NOT my point. Im just trying to say that we should be allowed to buy them with FC. What you think, can we expect to find finally some more armor styles when new patch comes? I know that this could be about all new classes (reaper, gunner, brawler, ninja) but it really bug me especially when it comes to gunners.

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