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    • Cheezus wrote:

      Maybe instead of telling us "threads merged" you could have told us if this bug will get people banned, what's the course of action for players to take, or even "we are working on it" to give us something instead of giving us an actual answer when the event is over?
      I got a generic answer for my ticket saying they're working on it full-force!
      This counts?
    • I am dissapointed at the event.
      My first experience with it was to loose on question 4 because questions dissappeared too fast. (It did happen again.) On my next tries.
      I didn't take part in rest after 3rd experience in there, rewards was also not that worth it. I mean you stop me from doing dungeons or battlegrounds to be 5 mins somewhere for 1 superior etching box? (7k) gold? not worth rl, because chances in rmh/bp to drop something more expensive n me to get it are legit. Plus battlegrounds for pvp'ers are always more fun.
      It Just feels so empty without me :elin33:
    • Atmorph wrote:

      Question are attributed manually per server
      Isn't there some import interface.. in which you just select a file (which is auto generated)? A bit more variation/randomization would be cool and more challenging... The second and third day was so repetive that people hardly got kicked out due to wrong answer. In fact, comparing day one to day two to day three.. the amount of kicked people reduced by at least 80% .... (just thinking about questions which kicked out like 300 people at day 1 and hardly anyone the following days); I just went flying once because a question was similar to another one and I mixed them up in my head :D ..
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    • Cheezus wrote:

      Can you actually blame the people who got banned for it? I mean let's be real nearly EVERYONE used it for ghili's so what makes the difference between banning an "abuser" someone who only used it in ghili's and someone who uses to pk VO for example obviously you can't instantly fix this but you should've made clear what people can and can't do with this "bug" by using your game masters(if you have any left lul) and forums.
      Ghilliglade & Noob Island BAMs are mainly for one's own profit while PKing other guys (espc. those that didn't get the buff) ruins the fun of others. Same with the VU BAM as it faces competition from others.
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