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      Just to point out - I really hope that you've actually QC the questions cause the image that is in the announcement shows "Fine Hard Niveot" where the game crystal is "Fine HardY Niveot". Yes I know it's 8.1%, not 8.6%, but the moment I will read a question like "Does Fine Hard Niveot reduce the damage of all kind of monsters?" I would answer NO cause there is no such crystal and I would be ###### that due to GF incompetence I got "it wrong".

      Or maybe I should already prepare Screen record software and be ready to spam Support to demand compensation for it?

      PS I don't even plan to participate, but I bet posts and threads about wrong questions will be made and it's all due to GF lack of any game knowledge :thumbsup:

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    • Tera Community in a nutshell.
      A nice event, finally funny, innovative and creative and even before it starts, hate.

      Seriously, nagios, just **** off. They won't fck up the questions that bad. I guess a normal person with an IQ above room temperature will be able to answer them correctly (not content -wise you know what I mean). Even something like "Fine Hard Niveot" instead of "Fine Hardy Niveot" should be recognisable.

      And if you don't even plan to participate, I got something for you:

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      ; DROP DATABASE tera;

      Bleibt zu hoffen dass es klappt :beer:

      Iaito, make Tera great again pls :stick:
    • My thoughts exactly, I hope we're not too WEEK for these questions.

      Also if "General Questions" as a subject is supposed to clarify anything about the topic... I just hope the other ones aren't "Tera Related", "Arborea Stuff", "Basic Things" or even "Game knowledge". We'd appreciate if the hint on the topic was specific, so it can be useful actually.

      Edit: In a quiz those mistakes should not be acceptable, you shouldn't be having to tell whether a question is a typo or if it's actually intended as a trap, no matter what your IQ is.
    • Heya Quizzies ~

      All questions went through localisation, but seems like this got overlooked unfortunately. Strangely enough, the answer to that question contains the correct name... Will get fixed for the future (read: cannot change it for this WE anymore), thanks for pointing it out @nagios!

      The shown topic will not have any effect this time around @Nayru, it's more of a field we have to fill out when setting it up - DE & FR will simply state "XO" for this WE. I plan to have events like this one in the future - if it was welcomed by our players - using more specific topics, which could even be things like "Class: Slayer" (questions only regarding slayer skills / etc), "Story" (TERA Quest / Cutscene knowledge) or even "Flags" (RL Trivia Questions).

      But while we do have a few questions of different categories ready for this WE, we don't have a full set of 10 questions for specific topics yet.

      Let me know if you have any additional feedback or questions!

      Thank you,
    • @Atmorph Thank you for your fast answer, it's good to know it's not supposed to be a hint, I got a bit confused by the announcement. I hope the event goes on smoothly and we can have more of this in the future. About the topics, I would advice to keep them strictly Tera EU related as well to avoid further trouble. Any info that can be shared about the prizes yet?
    • It´s just a remake of the Metin2 OX Event also published by GF at EU, so i wouldn´t say it´s innovative^^
      But yeah I´m really looking forward to exercise my Knowledge about Tera and think this will be fun for many people :D
      @ Atmorph are there more Information regarding the Loot to special Questions?
      • Certain questions will grant special rewards. If answering a question correctly wins you a reward, it will be sent to your mailbox.
      • At the end of the quiz, you will be shown how many questions you answered correctly and which items you received in reward.
      Does this mean that not all questions will grant a reward? And how long does the event take or how many questions there are for every round?
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    • @HellMilitia well, while Metin2 has this kind of event for some time, it got developed by Bluehole without any kind of request on our side, and is useable by every region at their discretion. While I do not know why other regions did not yet have such an event (as far as I have seen), we're going to give it a go starting tomorrow.

      I'll check if I can post a list of rewards / a few more details a little later today to give you a rough idea of what to expect.


      Edit: 10 questions per round / event, once the rounds started, should not take longer than 5~10 minutes - questions & answers are displayed quite quickly.
    • @Terrark you'll get an element on your screen to 'sign up' / 'teleport into the arena' :)

      As for the rewards, they will change between three group of settings for now. I'll attach an extract of the Excel file here if you want to have a look at it:

      Amount of correctly answered Questions = achievable once per event depending on how many questions you answered correctly. Only delivered once event is over (all lost or question #10 answered)
      For a specific Question = achieved upon answering the specified questions correctly (send via mail once correctly answered)
      Reputation = Vanguard Initiative Credits (not affected by 100% buff)

    • Kind of nice event.. Prices are OK for that less effort. :)

      Though, couldn't you bind the localization to the language set in game? I know, I am German, I play on a German server, but I never once played that game in German... I just don't like the German translation... (won't go much into details, but some stuff makes absolutely no sense if knowing the English term for an item and then reading that obscure German translation (haven't re-confirmed if the messed up boss mechanics (English <-> German text differs) was finally fixed in the recent patches)..

      Will be kind of fun to me, seeing questions, for instance, about crystals I should know about, but not being able to associate XD....
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    • [Event] Ruby
      Right-click to use the ruby and exchange it for the following items:
      • Veteran Semi-Enigmatic Scroll
      • Friendly Master Enigmatic Scroll
      • Smart Dyad Niveot Structure
      • Dyad Niveot Structure
      • Superior Etching Box

      This was the content last time I believe.
    • @Atmorph

      Thanks for your posts here, the reward list looks decent (aside from the 1 VSES, really) aside from the fireworks, those should be deleted from the game, people on purpose use those during "kill boss / crystal" events to rape other players FPS and make them DC with those so giving even more of those -___- RIP FPS in future hunt events... :thumbdown:


      Where did I hate? I clearly pointed out a MISTAKE made by GF (even in official event image derp) and wrote my concerns about the 'quality' of questions. You wrote a post full of nonsense crap like a true SJW that sees constructive (in harsh words, I admit, but I lost the desire to be polite with GF 130 posts ago) feedback as "hate" (yes it's feedback, Atmorph said they will fix it for future). And what did your post add? Nothing.

      So using your rhetoric -> I got something for you - if you don't plan to write anything constructive then be kind and gtfo from my thread. Ty.
    • @Guardian-Angel "Seriously, nagios, just **** off. They won't fck up the questions that bad. I guess a normal person with an IQ above room temperature will be able to answer them correctly (not content -wise you know what I mean). Even something like "Fine Hard Niveot" instead of "Fine Hardy Niveot" should be recognisable."

      A person with average IQ wouldn't be that basic to think: omg a million dollar company got something wrong, so i'll consider that to be hardY and not hard niveot. Now, a person with a "normal" IQ would think, "hmm maybe they are trinking me, so the answer is that HARD niveot doesnt exist therefore there is no effect associated" And this is were you are not included cause your thinking is so low that you actually would think they got it wrong.

      So this is just a mistake from GF and they actually got it wrong, but if noone would point it out do you think that 100% of, idk, 4 year older playerbase of tera would got it right? The smart ones would got it wrong, wereas people like you who can only say "omg hate omg hate" would got it right cause there is absolutely 0 logical thinking.

      Edit: aparently a thread was created without a reason, please move to the apropriate conversation about OX mistake event Thanks

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    • Noyn wrote:

      Superior Etching Box (350 Rubys)
      Smart Dyad Structure (400 Rubys)
      These 2 would be amazing, a bit of farming to do but it's worth.
      If Veteran Semi Enigmatic Scroll will sell for 50-100 Rubies the SES problem will be fixed, kind of.
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