Make some events

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    • Man, I was going to make a Server-wide 3v3 random team generated tournament, asked friends to help me, but they gave me good reasons not to do it! I already made a guild-wide 3v3 random team generated tournament when I was in guild Entity! Here is a link! How I randomize the teams? I wrote a program to do that for me!

      Problem with server-wide is that,
      - Organizing is not an easy task.
      - Drama and hate in Killian.
      - Trolls that ruin the fun.
      - People that don't commit to the schedule.
      - People that think I'm scamming them.
      - Many other reasons :/

      And that's true, I witnessed all this in @exiled92 1v1 tournament before, still it was fun!

      So, the question is, how can I be a GM to make those events easily, since our GMs are useless?!