Where can i change Tera acccount on Steam launcher?

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    • Where can i change Tera acccount on Steam launcher?

      Can i use a Tera account on my Steam account? I already use my Steam account to play Tera and now i made a new one on the this Webiste but i can't login in the launcher because it automaticy launches the game with my steam account. Do i realy have to Download it again? 32gb is a lot with a 16k ^^
    • Hey,

      In order to log into your regular account via your Steam profile, you have to link them first. Since you already have a Steam created account, it's automatically linked to your Steam profile, therefore you can't link your regular account.

      What you can do is ask TERA Steam Support to unlink the Steam created account but that will mean basically deleting it. If you don't care about that account, then go ahead and ask Support to unlink it, so you can then link your regular account.

      If you want to keep and play with both accounts, you can do so without re-downloading the game. Just copy the game files and replace the launcher files with regular launcher files. This way you'll be able to log into your Steam created account via Steam and into your regular account from the regular launcher. See Non Steam Launcher for almost up-to-date regular launcher files.

      Good luck! o/