The achievement system needs a new support software or any newcomer support!!

    • The achievement system needs a new support software or any newcomer support!!

      Hello guys, I have been trying to do achievement lately but I have to say; first of the hard part is to track everything so that makes a lot of in game time very boring/and makes the game very meeeh.. and not enjoyable. The second is that the ''software'' or the settings in game is so bad, they cant hold track on what achievement I do or wont lock in on 1 specific achievement. We should get like an quest tracker for achievements or some kind of upgrade to the achievement system to make it more newcomer friendly! Please whoever sees this take this up to the game makers.
    • I do know what you're talking about - going trough the list and trying to figure out what achievement you just got, or just to sort out to see what to do next is super inconvenient. Then again, if achievement hunting became a 4th form of (outdated, irrelevant) questing in the game - not sure I'd vote for that either. Achievements is supposed to be a separate thing in the background afaik - something you do when you really don't have anything else to do or just want to upgrade the laurel...

      The game is overwhelmed with irrelevant quests as it is - they could as well remove all the yellow quests and green quests lol - it's super confusing especially for newcomers. Maybe best to keep that in the background. I hope there will be changes to the system overall too.
    • Removing the yellow quests would be bad for the 1200 (or was it 1500?) quests achievement since it would then be really hard to get it.
      I do want to track the achievements in some way but a bit different than the quests.
      Also if you search for an achievement you just got look in the system chat and click on it there. It will bring to directly to it but it will probably take some seconds to load.
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