[HELP PLEASE]I cannot find non-transferrable items list

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    • [HELP PLEASE]I cannot find non-transferrable items list


      I cannot transfer my character, I quote "You have non-transferrable items in your inventory." Can you tell me please whitch items is non-transferrable?
      (I need list all items non-transferrable) :/

      Thanks, have a nice day!
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      Lyrica wrote:

      Here's a list of non-transferrable items:
      • Village Atlas
      • Level 60 Scroll
      • Certain Alliance Consumables
      • Raid Officer's Flash Grenade
      • Quartermaster's Noctenium Infusion
      • Battlemaster's Noctenium Infusion
      • Alliance Noctenium Infusion
      • Supply Officer's Invisibilty Potion
      • Supply Officer's Detection Totem
      • Vault Ticket
      • Manxome Draught
      • Purification Potion
      • Barrel Bomb
      • Marda's Gold
      • Marda's Steel
      • Kyra's Catalyst
      • Velik's Grand Hunt Materials
      • Velik's Inspiration
      • Velik's Favo
      • Velik's Solace
      • Velik's Passion
      • Velik's Vision
      • Velik's Gratitude
      • Velik's Fortune
      • Cadmins
      • Rochens
      • Stibias
      • Terebins
      • Bezoars

      Nice copy of the NA list.

      Judging by threads opened in this forum, this is what I found is most probably hindering the transfer:
      - Dyads (Armor or weapon)
      - anything related to flying mounts (Wing fragments, Dragon Spheres, Lion Hair etc.)
      - Banyaka's Rootlocked treasure Chest (note: Once you transformed them with Darkan's Flame the chest is transferrable)
      - Vial of Elinu's Tears
      something clever or depressing