Behemoth Essence [Changes?]

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    • Behemoth Essence [Changes?]

      Hi Community!

      i recently sent a feedback ticket regarding 2 much behemoth essence on endgame players.
      i feel that adding the marrow brooch to the behemoth essence shop would be very useful,
      tho marrow brooch drops once per hh run and its impoosible for everyone in a raid to get it unless u run 3 runs a week

      just wonder what the community thinks!

      they could add the behemoth belt aswell, for those who want to gear their alts without going that hh ph1-2

      give me ur thoughts in the comment section below :D
    • Iaito wrote:


      danke für eure Vorschläge und Kommentare.
      Habe diese an das Team weitergetragen und habe die Rückmeldung bekommen, dass es momentan nicht geplant ist, die Droprate der Brosche zu erhöhen oder sie im Behemoth Essence Shop verfügbar zu machen.

      Basically saying that: He handed some ideas forward but became the answer that currently, there are no plans to change the drop rate or to put them in the behemoth essence shop.
    • Hey,

      thanks for the suggestions and comments.
      I forwarded these to the team and got the feedback that there is no current plan to change the drop rate of the brooch and there won't be a possibility to obtain it via the Behemoth Essence Shop neither.



      Basically another **** you into the face of the community. Won't happen sadly. #pray4roppes

      Warned | Chloe
      ; DROP DATABASE tera;

      Bleibt zu hoffen dass es klappt :beer:

      Iaito, make Tera great again pls :stick: