New player with a few questions!

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    • New player with a few questions!

      Hello people.

      Alright, so I've been away from the mmo scene for quite some time.
      I've played Tera before and I think my slayer was 50(55?) the cap when the game came out.
      But I quit shortly after simply because I didn't have anyone to play with, it's quite typical of me. As an introvert I get bored very easily if something doesn't challenge me or if I'm alone for too long doing the same thing over and over again, so whilst my friends generally tend to stick to one single mmo, that being the boringly easy and shallow world of warcraft, I usually try out everything.
      Tera, Warhammer, Aion, Rift, Ultima Online, Conan, Phantasy Star Online(2) +++
      And as I'm always alone, I get bored upon reaching max level.

      It's now a new year so I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and give one game a chance at a time, also indirectly trying to remove a bad habit of leaving before it gets interesting.(aka before I hit endgame)

      I'm going to play Tera regardless of your answers so be forewarned, that's not what this post is about, the people who's played this for years will say the same thing. It gets boring, you do the same thing over and over, repetition. blablabla... Yeah well it's like that for every single mmo out there, it's kind of how they work so it's nothing new.
      I want an honest, genuine and original reply, one not biased by 5-10years of living a mundane life where you think everything's a hassle and you can't bother spending enough brainpower to string a single creative and original sentence together. Save yourself the trouble as I won't read it.

      So here's the questions:
      What classes are the best to solo as for the current content while leveling.
      Dungeons and Bams come to mind

      -I played a slayer as stated before, and I could solo every single bam in the game back then. With mediocre gear.

      But I'm looking to play a Warrior, Brawler or Gunner.
      -How do they fare now, for tanking and dps.

      And how are guilds at this point?
      -And good, friendly/mature ones around?
      (By mature I don't mean lead by a 16year old who can spell his name right, using capitals and refer to everyone as sir and mam if they're older than him/her)

      Guess that's it for now, stil 50mins left of my Tera download so.

      kind regards,
      TJ :whistling:
    • Welcome (back) to Tera, on Classes for soloing surprisingly enough nearly all can do things so with reasonable ease , a good place to visit for guides on classes is They may be aimed at level 65 and end gear but the basics for the correct crystals to use and Glyphs to focus on as you level may be of some help.

      Another thing to do when you start a new Character is use a Buddyup! code the link for some players codes are found here BuddyUp! Codes (you have a month from entering the code to get to 65 and collect all the gifts, more info on this can be found here BuddyUp system - purpose, limits and rewards.

      On Guilds there a few good guilds around, some come and some go so you can open the Guild Menu (found on main menu bar)and search for guild types (pve/pvp level etc). (as i have my own Guild (sadly just my characters and Guildies I never had the heart to kick for not playing anymore) I really haven't kept up with the others so it may be a case of just asking in game.

      My Characters are on Mystel which has a nice community and normally any questions you may have can be asked in Global (/c) which you will only be able to access when you get to level 11 (the Starting island covers a lot of the basics for Gameplay (crystals,gathering,enchanting etc)

      Hope some of this info may be of use to you, Just remember to have fun!
    • @Conchita Thank you :)
      -Most of the information you gave me I already remember but the buddy up system thing does intrigue me so I'll have to look into that though :)

      Think I'll be aiming at playing a warrior though, seems like they're a lot of fun after the recent revamp too.
      Now to figure out what race to go with, though I'm sure it doesn't really matter in the long run what race you pick.
      -Or does it?
    • Different Races have different traits (i found this info ages ago (cannot quite remember where) but it should give you some more information)

      Depending upon which race you pick, you are granted five racial traits which comprise a set of skills the player is capable of using. High Elves are an exception, as they are the one race with only four traits. Some of these traits are shared between races, but no race as a completely identical set. Some skills are activated and have cooldowns, while others are passive (always activated).
      Also, a number of traits require the player to reach a certain level before they can be unlocked.

      Ancient Wellspring2 hoursFully replenishes health.Baraka
      Blood of DragonsPassivePlayer resists any "damage-over-time" effects.Aman
      Core's Resonance1 hourPlayer of sufficient level can teleport, at will, to Allemantheia.Baraka, High Elf
      Gather No MossPassivePlayer has 10% bonus to resisting paralyzing or binding effects.Baraka
      IndefatigablePassiveStamina never falls between 20%, even in death.Baraka
      Kaiator's Drums1 hourA player of sufficient level can teleport, at will, to Kaiator.Aman, Castanic
      Last Aman Standing1 hourPlayer resists knockdowns and knockouts.Aman
      No Stranger to PainPassiveWhen health is low, the player becomes more resistant to damage.Aman
      Dirty FightingPassiveWhen attacking from behind, player has a greater opportunity to critically hit.Castanic
      ProspectorPassivePlayer is faster at gathering ore than those of other races.Aman
      Time-Lost TechniquesPassivePlayer can craft magical weapons 10% faster.Baraka
      Light LandingPassivePlayer takes much less damage from falling.Castanic
      Skirmish Running30 minutesWhen enraged, player sacrifies stability for combat speed.Castanic
      WeaponforgingPassivePlayer is faster at crafting metal weapons than other races.Castanic
      BotanistPassivePlayer is father than other races at gathering plants.Elin, Popori
      Friendly CurrentPassivePlayer is faster than other races while swimming.Elin, Popori
      Horizon Run30 minutesRaises out of combat speed.Elin, Popori
      Soothing Presence1 hourWhile moving slowly, it's possible to sneak past monsters.Elin, Popori
      Velik's Horn1 hourA player of sufficient level can teleport, at will, to Velika.Elin, Popori, Human
      Deft Footwork1 hourIn PvP, players chances of being knocked down or stunned are lowered.Human
      Indomitable SpiritPassiveIn PvP, player will take less damage if low on health.Human
      Nomadic CrafterPassivePlayer is faster at crafting light armor than other races.Human
      Resilience of BodyPassiveWhen resurrected, player's health will regenerate.Human
      CoalescencePassivePlayer gathers essence faster than other races.High Elf
      Core Infusion2 hourPlayer can completely refill their mana.High Elf
      Reslilence of MindPassiveWhen ressurected, player's mana will regenerate.High Elf

      But when i Created my main Archer i just went for Prettiness rather than trait ;)