Tera Ports?

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    • I would like to know what ports this game uses (server Mystel) so I can enable them at my workplace and be able to log in and play. Does anyone know the ports?


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    • MarkBlax wrote:

      10001 for gameplay + 80 and 443 to connect to the website ;)
      I assume that 10001 is TCP? Sorry for the nab questions, but I need to mail precise information (+ it has to be full details and explained just like you would explain to a baby).

      Power's not an act,
      It's understanding truth

      Anyways i dont delete who may need it.

      I guess you have ping problem?
      This was Tera-Eu ip adress if i m not wrong.
      Yep it looks true,checked ^^
      Germany, Baden-Württemberg Region, Karlsruhe
      IP Reverse DNS (Host): 79-110-94-251.gfsrv.net
      Hosting IP Range: - (4,096 ip)
      Hosting Address: Gameforge Productions Gmbh, Albert-Nestler-Str. 8, 76131 Karlsruhe, DE
      Hosting Phone: +49-721-354808-0
      Hosting CIDR:

      Then you may want to check here, hope it helps ;
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