Pinned TERA launcher issues made simple - error messages explained, plus Steam players notes

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    • TERA launcher issues made simple - error messages explained, plus Steam players notes

      Hello guys! Sunflare here.

      Following the recent Steam release of TERA Europe and a new class coming down the line, I think it's high time I made a launcher troubleshooting video guide.
      I've been helping random players in recent months overcome installation and patching issues and I believe the present video covers the most commonly occurring problems. If for some reason you find this too complicated, although – believe me – it's not as bad as it sounds, and would like one-on-one assistance via TeamViewer, drop me a message here. If you'd rather get support by Gameforge, then by all means write to them instead. I'm just a regular player.

      [23rd Sept 2017 update]
      Read below for info not included in the video.
      Here are a few alternative things for you to (re)consider while troubleshooting your launcher problem that I've come across since publishing this guide:
      1. Double check your system's drivers. You can use Driver Booster for example (free version)
      2. Double check your Windows updates in case you're using some 'lighter' version
      3. As described at 3:43, to determine whether your ISP is blocking some ports, you can use a mobile Internet connection. If you've eliminated the IPv6 possibility, then it's either a firewall or blocked ports on your ISP's side. So phone them up and ask them about these ports: TCP 7801 to 7810, TCP 80, TCP 443, TCP 4566
      4. Disable GPU bridging - for those of you who might have 2 graphics cards
      5. Use the so called 'Google DNS' - it might help with IPv6 connection problems
        - as primary and as secondary, or
        - as primary and as secondary
      6. Bear in mind 'an error has occurred' could also relate to having your account temporarily blocked for various reasons, including the use of a VPN or ping optimisers, IP changes (logging in from another country), your payment method
      7. See what resolution the game is set to run with. You might need to adjust it before starting the game client - either in your GPU's control panel and/or game settings .ini file
      8. Last but not least, 'using the /set IncreaseUserVa 3072 allows you to use max RAM,' as suggested by a fellow player
      Launcher issues and links from the video (table of contents):
      • 0:46 Source file corrupt – there's a corrupted or missing file (Note to Steam users: Use the Steam launcher's file integrity verification function as the repair function of the TERA launcher is unavailable to you.)
      • 1:48 An error has occurred. Please try again later
      • 4:09 News not loading
      • 4:15 WebGet request failed
      • 4:23 Launcher won't start (relates to Launcher is already running)
      • 4:39 Can't log into any game server
      • 5:03 Launcher size/resize
      • 5:40 User authentication failed
      • 6:16 Current version unknown & Unable to determine current version
        - How to Install TERA (get launcher files and 'Repair' your installation right away)
      • 6:37 Launcher deletes files too early (relates to Reliable source serving corrupt data)
      • 7:10 Unable to download metafile, Unable to download manifest, Unable to unzip manifest, Failed to update host
      • Steam FAQ and related issues:
        • 7:31 Before you start – Play via Steam vs Link Existing Account
          - It doesn't matter anymore what option you choose as a fresh new player - you can later link your Steam created TERA account to the TERA website
        • 8:05 How to avoid re-downloading the whole game (for existing players)
        • 8:59 Steam not found
        • 9:28 Can't unlink my new account
        • 9:35 Can't enter a code/CD key
        • 9:44 Can't log with another account
      • 10:01 Thank you for watching guys!
      Links in the description box under the video.

      Please watch the video and post your comments on YouTube or here if you have questions or would simply like to say 'good (or bad? ) job.' Feel free to share your experiences about resolved issues as well. Suggestions and ideas for improvement are more than welcome.
      Hope you found the video informational and it helped you or a mate of yours. Please leave a 'Like' and do 'Subscribe' for more videos.

      Have a great day,

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      How to Install TERA Online (a free to play MMORPG) and First Steps

      Key words in FR/DE:
      Une erreur s'est produite. Veuillez réessayer plus tard.
      Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten. Bitte versuch es später noch einmal.

      Fichier Source Corrompu
      Quelldatei beschädigt

      Source fiable fournit des fichiers endommagés
      Zuverlässige Quelle kann nicht kontaktiert werden

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    • Repair function for Steam users

      Regarding Source file corrupt issues for Steam players

      The presence of corrupted files could sometimes lead to stuck characters or character creation issues.
      Since there's no "repair" function within the TERA via Steam launcher, repairs can be done using the Steam launcher's "file integrity verification" function.

      Here's how to do it:
      1. Open the Steam launcher, find TERA, right click on it and select Properties.

      2. Go to Local Files and click on Verify Integrity of Game Files.

      3. Wait a couple of minutes until the verification is complete.

      4. Once done, you will see the results.

      The number of issues found might include corrupted, missing or renamed files. These files will be downloaded right away.
      Hopefully, this will resolve your issue. If not, consult the Launcher Issues Guide again and feel free to leave a comment, create a thread or send a Support via Steam ticket.
    • Someone make it pinned please. Would help tons of newbies. :thumbup:
      Huhuuu mods, hellooow? :stick:
      A very old anthic legend which is written on an unknown years old rock says :

      "All Slayer, Mito Slayest"

    • Hello,

      Please keep in mind that this hasn't been reviewed yet by the team but since it's helping a lot of users, I will indeed pinned it.
      Thank you for this help and I will inform you if we can make this guide more "official" as soon as possible.
      Former Product Community Manager
    • Yawa wrote:

      Good to see this video. But I'v tried everything. Even hut down all defenses of my computer and nothing works. :/
      I returned to game after a year break. Maybe that's the case?
      Just because you missed a few patch you should be able to play. :c

      What is your problems specifically?
      <3 Guide for new people - Click / tap to get redirected <3
    • I have new machine and download game from scratch.
      Client launch with success and download all updates. But when i click Play and try to log in I have "an error has occurred please try again later". And I know Login and Pass. are correct cause I logged in with success on website. I even connect accounts steam/gameforge. And I have the same problem on steam and on Client without steam.
      Yesterday I fight with this for 3hr :/
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    • Yawa wrote:

      Client launch with success and download all updates. But when i click Play and try to log in I have "an error has occurred please try again later".
      Hey, co tam?

      Am I correct to assume you're Polish? If so, chances are you are using IPv6. I've helped 3 or 4 guys from Poland with this error in the past month and everyone's main problem was having the wrong connectivity type.
    • Siemka. ;)

      Yea I verify this also. Even turned off IPv6 on my connection. Maybe InternetProvider UPC have IPv6 on his main router? But I was able to play a year ago...

      I even tried to connect via VPN through my company network but still wont work.

      EDIT: ok I think problem solved. I login on my switch and I saw internet provider change my network connection to IPv6 as a test XD without informing me about this hehe. I called to them and they will change this to default IPv4. :)

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    • Hello !

      First of all, my game was running perfectly until today, i am not using steam, i am not using any mods.
      I don't really want to download anew the game because my net connexion is .... LOW XD

      So, today, i downloaded the patch, it started to patch and.... Source file corrupted, i watched your video,
      and i got this in the TERA-Launcher.log :

      05/02/2017 20:12:28 Corrupted source file (C:\Program Files (x86)\TERA\Client\Binaries\ReleaseRevision.txt) (c169a21b26b0aabca47fc27921d3163617ee4594:0000000000000000000000000000000000000000)
      05/02/2017 20:12:39 Skipping version file failed to patch (1 file(s) failed)

      so it seems i can't play because of this....

      i picked up your file from the link in your video, and still nothing......

      Help me please, anyone.

      Thank you.

      PS : Nevermind, got the file from a friend o/

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