I accidentaly opened ambush weapon box.

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  • I accidentaly opened ambush weapon box.

    Hello all. I was opening my loot boxes and accidentaly opened ambush weapon box ;( . The point is i have already +15 ambush weapon so new weapon is useless for me. I sent the ticket to support with screenshot. Is it possible that they refund me some of my loss? How fast they can answer for my ticket?
  • Not sure if your mistake will be fixed by the staff...

    It's as if you were in a dungeon ,and you clicked leave party instead of make leader(obviously after engaging monsters , which caused the daily entries cooldown to start) and you asked for your daily entry back..

    It was a mistake , and I think that's what it'll remain.
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  • Andrea and how come no one helped me when i pressed on aggro gloves for lancer instead of dps and could not cancel due to well made game mechanic which doesnt allow you to cancel crafting in progress :lol: . I contacted support 1min after it happend and no help what so ever.

    If you get the box it will be by miracle.
  • As the topic been answered and solved, I will close the thread.


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