Codex, International guild of Killian

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    • Codex, International guild of Killian

      Hello, hello !

      Codex opens its doors once more for both old and new, ambitious, experienced, active and geared players that are willing to get better. We are giving a new chance to TERA with the arrival of it on steam, new class in few months & such. Hoping this would make the game a bit more alive again.

      We are aiming to be a 25/30 active members guild to participate in any kind of small, medium scale PvP or organized GvG.

      Codex Roster

      Basic requirements to join the guild:

      1) Codex is an international guild, therefore we expect you to speak English.

      2) We expect applicants to be pvp geared ( Conflate/VM7/8 ) and to have proper setups (Etchings, PvP Stats, correct accessories). Exceptions can be made but don't count on this. We also want our applicants to keep up to date gearwise.

      3) Be active on a reasonable level. We do not expect anyone to play 10+ hours per day, but extreme cases of the opposite state are not tolerable as well.Be active & present during Civil unrest, meetings & some BG events.

      4) Will to become better, effort to improve on any possible sector regarding the current game state and ability to learn from your mistakes.

      5) Match the guild's mindset and genuine sence of behaviour.

      6) Another requirement is teamspeak, we ask of all our members to join teamspeak as much as possible. This is to improve coordination and communication during fights.

      Other requirements :

      - Thoses will be discussed when we will talk about the guild rules in private.

      Do not reply to this thread if you want to apply, apply ingame or in private messages (Forums/Mails in game/Etc.)

      We hope that we will have a nice and productive co-operation with some of you.

      If you're just gonna post to troll or any kind of boring/annoying behaviour, you can just pass your way.

      The manager(s) of the guild you can message are:

      - Kyin [GuildMaster] Try to contact me first, if I'm not here you can contact the manager(s)

      As I said earlier, if you don't get contacted after applying or I'm not answering, do not hesitate to whisper him.

      That's all for now. If you are interested to learn more information about us, you can always contact us in-game or /gapply Codex and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Of course, you can contact us on your own by messaging us in-game!

      PS : If you are interested in our recent updates or you just want to know what classes we are currently recruiting, make sure to check the most recent posts in this thread.
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      ๖ۣۜKyin Lancer

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    • Ah, i see Sanchi,Flanberry,Decapre and most important Nachrade there.
      Take care of him, nice friend really and had a lot of fun with him. <3
      Good lucks on recruiting.
      A very old anthic legend which is written on an unknown years old rock says :

      "All Slayer, Mito Slayest"

    • We are still looking for more active & motivated players! We kinda changed our recruitment policy by making it more flexible so more people can actually try the guild out to see if they like it or not. You can whisper either Nachrade or Kyin/Deadgame.exe ingame to get in contact with us. Don't hesitate to directly apply to the guild & we'll contact you otherwhise.
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      ๖ۣۜKyin Lancer
    • We are still actively recruiting !

      You can see our roster here

      We are looking for pretty much every classes but we'll be more flexible with valkyries/archers/lancers & mystics as we are in a big need for them.

      Feel free to apply or to contact either Nachrade or I in whisper.
      ๖ۣۜHate me I'm Famous ♥`

      ๖ۣۜKyin Lancer