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  • [HowTo] Tips for Launcher Problems

    Heya everyone,

    since alot of players have problems with the launcher, i want to share a few informations with you.

    If you start getting touble, the first thing you should do, is to run the launcher in debug modus and as administrator.

    Debug Modus

    If you dont use GameforgeLive, go to step 2!
    Step 1)
    Since you are using the GF Live Client to start Tera, you need to make a direct shortcut of teh Tera-Launcher on your desktop.
    Go to teh games directory of GF Live, it`s "D:\Program Files (x86)\GameforgeLive\Games\DEU_deu\TERA" on my PC.
    Now make a right-click on the TERA-Launcher.exe and choose "Send to: Desktop (Create shortcut)".
    You can now start Tera without the GF Live client.

    Step 2)
    To enable the debug modus, you need to modify the TERA-Launcher shortcut on your desktop.
    Right-click the shortcut and choose "Properties".
    Now you see a field called "Target"
    You need to at -debug -window to the end of the line.
    It should look like this then:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\TERA\TERA-Launcher.exe" -debug -window
    Press Okay and its done.

    Be sure you start the launcher as administrator.

    If you start Tera with this shortcut, you`ll see a smaller black command box now which displays the activities of the launcher.

    Additional your launcher creates log files in the Tera directory now.
    They are named

    Please always post those logfiles if you create a help thread about your troubles with the laucher to get help faster!

    Tipps for not getting in trouble with the launcher:

    • Run the launcher as administrator
    • dont ever use the repair function if noone here calls you to do so
    • dont use GF Live Client, you can install Tera without it ( )
    • dont enrage and begin to restarting the launcher every minuite. Even if it looks like he is not moving his lazy a**. He is checking and verifing files at start so it needs time till he starts downloading sometimes. Its like you loose your bookmark in a 10.000 sites book and find the site you was reading.
    • Use debug modus to see if he is working or stuck with a problem.
    • disable anti-virus tools for tera folder and exe files within your tera folder, it`s not and will be never a virus, even if your tool is telling it to you. Tera will also run smoother if you exclude tera from your virus defender.

    Most problems start to occur if u stop the launcher. Files getting corrupted and it just stucks without a message. Often you just need to delete or replace a specific file which couses the error and is ONLY displayed in debug mode. Any player/team member can send you the corrupted file to help you out.
    Also mods can stuck the launcher ( e.g. missing video files ;) ).

    Here is the orginal thread from Kyreli who made a great guide for launcher problems in german: TRANSLATED BY GOOGLE

    added by moemikoo due to request:
    If you cannot click on the play button, your local system time seems to be wrong. You need to sync it with an internet server then. You can easily do this:
    Open Date and Time by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Clock, Language, and Region, and then clicking Date and Time. Click on the Tab "Internet time" Click on "Change setting" Choose a Server and Update now
    More information:

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